Thursday, June 14, 2012

Proverbs for Prowlers

We're all about sharing the love and wisdom here, so I came up with some Proverbs for Prowlers - just for fun. This is the only place you'll find these.  I wrote them for women, but most of them apply to men, too. Enjoy!

Always assume your lover's wife is smarter than he thinks she is.

Choose your lover wisely because someday he will be your ex-lover.

Marriage never ends well.  It always ends in either divorce or death.

The day that your lover has fucked you in the ass so delightfully hard that you can barely walk will be the night that your husband announces that he wants to try anal.

Today's totally-in-love-and-overly-attentive man will become tomorrow's stalker.

If you want to know if your lover really loves you, refuse sex.  You'll know pretty quickly.

If love knocks on your door, let it in.  You never know if it will come your way again.

You need to know what you want before you go looking for it.

If you're not prepared to lose, don't play.

Caution and preparation only take a little while, but regret lasts forever.

If you're going to take a lover, be bold and fearless!  The consequences if you are caught will be the same whether you are coy and reserved or wild and uninhibited.  But which will be more fun?

If you act like a bitch, don't be surprised when you are treated like one.

Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever put a man ahead of your children in your life - even for an afternoon.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Truly wise words as always Kat!

I have a new term for you; you are wise at being wicked! :)

Except I know you are not really wicked.

Southern Sir said...

Your words ring true Kat,

If love knocks on your door, let it in. Those words struck a chord with me. I was involved with a woman I met for 2 years, she's gone now. I don't know what happened she just disappeared. I'm glad I did it and was with her for that time, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

life of a tongue said...

All these made me chuckle. Love your work Kat.

Ladybug said...

I LOVE these! Can't pick my favorite!

the naked lady said...

This is really good advice for a newbie like me. How about a list of men you should never prowl with? You know, *who* is off limits?

Kat said...

Ryan - have you seen that show Wicked Tuna? You just got me thinking...Kat, wicked, fish.

Southern Sir - I know exactly what you men. I agree completely.

life of a tongue- You win the prize for most interesting username today. Hehehe.

Ladybug - Thanks! Mine is the one about being bold and fearless, of course. ;-)

naked lady - That's a great idea! I'll definitely write a post about the men you should never prowl with. It may have to wait until I get home from my vacation, but I'll get to it as soon as I can. Thanks for the great idea!