Monday, June 25, 2012

Seattle Guy

A very interesting thing happened shortly after I posted Water, Water Everywhere..., the post about all the hot men I was seeing around town in Seattle. I received an email from a PWK reader who lives in Seattle. I'll call him Seattle Guy.  Yes, I know my creativity is impressive, isn't it?

The email read:

I very much enjoyed reading your short little tale about the beautiful men of Seattle.  What can I say, there are a number of us here and I know I do not count myself among the most beautiful.  I just wanted to drop you a quick note saying how much I enjoy your writing and to enjoy my wonderful city.  As much as I would love to be part of your candy tasting adventure (if it were to happen) I know it is unlikely.  Did I read a post in the past that said something about staying away from readers?  Regardless, I am sure you and the family have many adventures planned throughout this city for your time here but if you need any advice about things to do or places to go please ask.  I would be honored to provide my opinion.  Once again, thank you for your writing, it is incredibly enjoyable.
Seattle Guy

Sweet, no?

So I wrote back.

Hi Seattle Guy- 
What a nice message! Are you really in Seattle? Right now, I'm having dinner at Toulouse Petit Kitchen and Lounge. Do you know it? I love to sample the local flavor. ;-) Can't write now, but I'll definitely write more later. Tell me about yourself.>And thank you for the kind words about the blog. What do you like best?

We exchanged a few more emails. Then we moved to text and chatted some more. We learned we have quite a bit in common, professionally speaking.  We also learned we have quite a bit in common when it comes to naughty preferences, or as he would say, "inappropriate" activities. He's bright, witty, engaging - thoroughly enjoyable to chat with. I found him on Facebook and saw some photos. Definitely fuckable. Handsome, with an intense look in his eyes in every photo.

I learned quite a few things about him, most of which I won't share here, but there are some things I learned that are definitely relevant to this story.

He's single. (As you know, I don't do single guys.  Well, with the exception of Single Guy. Every rule needs an exception, but if there's more than one exception, it's really not a rule, is it? And "no single guys" is a definite rule.)

He's 31 - young. (As you know, I avoid young guys.  Well, with the exception of Young One. It's not really a rule, but I generally prefer older men.  They are more dominant and more likely to know their way around a woman's body. Also, since I have a son in his early 20's, being with anyone who could be in my son's peer group just feels, well, creepy.)

So, my rules and preferences would say that Seattle Guy would be off limits. Definitely off limits.

And come on, he was some random guy who reads the blog who sent me an email.Do you know how many emails I get? There's no way I could fuck them all.  To be honest, I wouldn't want to even try. I have some definite standards. Only the best for a discerning Kat.

 Add to that the fact that I was on vacation with my family. Hubby's leash on me was tighter and shorter than ever. I had been alone without the family only once on the whole trip, and that was when I was in the room working and Hubby kept calling to make sure I was still there and alone. And in Seattle, my extended family had joined us for a family reunion, so if Hubby wasn't with me, someone was.

All this meant that the odds that I'd be able to get away to meet Seattle Guy, even for a brief and very platonic "hello," would be extremely slim.

But I'm Kat.  I'm creative and resourceful.  And I was interested in Seattle Guy.  I still can't explain it, but I felt a connection soon after we started chatting. I liked him.

 Oh yeah. And I was horny.

 But there were those rules.....and the Houdini-style jailbreak I would have to pull off to meet him.

So, Prowlers, before I finish the story about Seattle Guy, I want to hear from you.  What do you think happened?

Did I manage to meet Seattle Guy? And if you think I met him, do you think it was a friendly meeting over coffee or something more? And if you think it was something more, was it a quick "stolen kiss and heavy petting" session or a "hot and wet fuck and suck" session?

 Maybe there will be a prize for the first person (or two or three) to guess correctly. ;-)


curvymomma66 said...

I vote for a hot and wet fuck and suck...perhaps in the back of a car in a parking lot after the kids went to bed??

Mrs. M said...

My guess is that no matter how much you may have wanted to do it (deep down) it just didn't end up happening. Although I've made up an alternate & sexy ending in my dirty mind!!

Ryan Beaumont said...

I say you met him at Pike's Place fully intending to hook up but got nailed by a flying fish and had to bail.

But to your Seattle reader I would say this quoting from the blog Shit My Dad Says:

"That woman was sexy...Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won't screw you, don't do it for them."

Gertie said...

Now all of us readers are hoping that it was a juicy Seattle sex session but I think it was probably just coffee and perhaps a kiss.

Can't wait to read what really happened.

Marcus said...

Really tough call on this one. But first off, I'd like to say that is one of the highest compliments you can pay someone, calling him "fuckable" :)

Ok, here is my guess, you met up briefly, a quick stolen kiss turned into heavy petting with a blow job at the end.

Anonymous said...

Here's my sleuth skills at work, let's see if I'm right.

1.) You wouldn't have posted this if you didn't have an interesting follow up story.

2.) If you were going to take the chance of getting together with someone you would likely only see once in your life, you wouldn't do it just for some nice conversation and maybe a kiss.

3.) Rules are guidelines, different circumstances (like these ones) can call for rules to be bent or broken.

4.) His email sounds really nice, he's young, a fan of your writing, I'm guessing he would take your lead.

My prediction: No banging, but a BJ for him and something for you.

Max said...

My guess is a stolen kiss and some groping/heavy petting - only because there was no time or place for more.

Can't wait to hear what actually happened. :-)

Cara Janes said...

Hi Kat, I miss you! :-)
Okay, I'm going to guess that the answer has something to do with Toulouse and him showing up there. Maybe a quickie in the bathroom..?

Same sassy girl said...

I'm with Pony Boy - gotta be something to say if you are saying something. Where there's a will there's a way? Hope so!

Kat said...

Most of you didn't think anything juicy would happen. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don't you know me by now?

Of course, I'll cut you some slack because you haven't met Seattle Guy. If you had met him, you would have known how it would go.