Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving Blessing

On this Thanksgiving Day, and beyond....

May we all be truly thankful for the goodness in our lives - our families, friends, jobs, and joy, our homes, health, pets and prosperity;

May we all focus on bringing joy to those we love rather than nurturing our own wants;

May we all make room in our hearts for forgiveness so we can let go of resentments for harms of the past;

May we all find a way to be of service to others as a way of living our gratitude;

May we all release any guilt or regret so we and those we love can thoroughly enjoy this day;

May we all take some time to search our hearts and reflect on all the love that surrounds and enfolds us. May we be grateful for that most of all.


To all readers of PWK,

Many of you are friends, some have been lovers, one of you still is. ;-)  Whether you commented and engaged with our community or chose to simply lurk, please know that I am so grateful for all of you over the past several years. PWK has been a place where I can share who I am without conforming to who I need to pretend to be in the rest of my life. I've shared highs and lows, and connected with people here who have become very important to me. I don't say it enough, so I'll say it now.....

Thank you!