Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Night Out for the PWK Team

Every once in a while, Dauntless, Cara, Beth and I like to go out for an evening of fun.  I am speaking of fun in the old fashioned sense - food, drink, laughter, and so on. No sex, but the conversation is a bit spicier than you might hear around a typical mixed-gender group of friends.

For example, last night we talked about what percentage of the male population is circumcised, and what percentage of the men I've been with were circumcised. Cara said that Mexican men typically aren't circumcised, which just sounded wrong to me because I've enjoyed more than my share of Mexican men (as well as South American men) and that wasn't my experience, but who would argue with sweet Cara about such a thing?

We talked about Adam and the size of his gorgeous enormous cock, and that brought us around to discussing the penis size of men of different ethnicities and if ethnicity really is a factor in size.

By the way, during the cock discussion, Daunt sat there holding onto his beer like it was a life preserver.  Every time I'd ask, "What do you think, Daunt?" he'd snap out of his "how-long-can-I-pretend-that-this-discussion-isn't-happening" stupor and shrug his shoulders.

We passed around a hot Halloween picture of Daunt's brother, BruceD (in the pic to the right), and three of us (can you guess which three?) drooled and admired, and one or two of us may have made inappropriate comments about what we might like to do with such a lovely gentleman if given the opportunity (but I can't really remember....LOL).

The photo reminded me of that episode of Nip/Tuck where Christian Troy was having sex with that ugly gal who had a hot body and he made her put a bag over her face.  Not that BruceD is ugly...absolutely not!  But the mask made me think, "Heck, I don't care if he leaves the mask on.  It's not his face that's getting me wet right now anyway."  But I digress.....

The last time we had a PWK Night Out we went out to eat.  This time, we decided to do something a little more active.

Shame on you for those naughty thoughts!

I'm talking about bowling, of course!

Because I like to make everything a little more interesting, I suggested a little wager. We agreed that whoever came in dead last of the four of us would have to provide the HNT photo for this week.  This idea came up because Cara said she's boycotting HNT because there were no comments on last week's one and few comments on the few before that.  So, we looked at Beth.  No way.  Daunt?  He has a gift for taking a swig of beer while vigorously shaking his head no. As for me, we all know I have an inferiority complex about being compared to Cara.  There was only one civilized way to settle it  - assign the HNT task to the worst bowler.

We all swaggered confidently to the counter to sign up for a lane and rent those ugly and disgusting shoes.

About the shoes....First, I am convinced that they make them so ugly so no one would even consider stealing them. Second, there is something very creepy about wearing the same pair of shoes that hundreds of other people have worn before.  It's a level of intimacy with perfect strangers that just isn't for me.  Of course, I can write about the details of my sexual encounters and share them with thousands of strangers, but that's completely different. Third, as ugly and as creepy as the shoes are, they give you a sense of belonging when you wear them. After I put mine on, I walked proudly to pick a ball, suddenly feeling like I was part of something greater than myself.  I was part of the great unwashed bowling masses.  And I was proud.

Oh,  I learned something I didn't know last night - that Cara has a strict sense of justice about shoe rules in a bowling alley.  We noticed several people at lanes around us who were not wearing the required ugly shoes. Who did those people think they were? Didn't they understand that wearing the ugly shoes was part of the bowler bonding experience?  If anyone opted out (which was against the rules), it made the rest of us just look like idiots wearing ugly shoes.  The magic of the bowling shoe experience requires that everyone participate. I was able to let it go because I needed to focus on not being last, but Cara couldn't let it go. She kept talking about it.  Then she walked by a few lanes giving the evil eye to the non-conformists. The she went up to the counter and reported them!  But that wasn't the worst part.  The worst part was that nothing happened.  Nothing changed. I chalked it up as a metaphor for the injustice in modern society.  Cara just got mad and focused her rage toward the pins.  That was not good for the rest of us.

Since we shared a photo of our hands from a previous night out, I thought it would be fun this time to share a different kind of photo. The photo on the left includes me, Daunt, and Cara (not in that order). See what I mean about the shoes?

We bowled three games and agreed that we would add the scores from all three games to determine the overall winner, and the loser who would be our HNT guy or gal for the week.

We were having a great time, but it wasn't going well for me.

During the third game, as depression was setting in, I got a text from JJ. After an explanation of where I was and what was going on:

Kat: I suck at bowling.

JJ: You can suck my balls anytime, Baby.

JJ always knows how to help me put things into perspective.

Here are the final rankings:

First place - Cara
Second Place - DauntlessD
Third Place - Beth
Loser - Kat

Uuuggghhhhhh. I'd skip HNT this week, but I think Cara would come after me if I did.

My favorite parts of the evening:
  1. Getting to gaze at Daunt's ass about 60 times when it was his turn without him knowing what I was doing.
  2. Watching Cara go into Law and Order mode over the shoe criminals.
  3. Stealing some glimpses of the hot guy bowling about 4 lanes away from us. I would have been all over that...except for his poor taste in shoes.
  4. Watching Beth's eyes pop out over BruceD's photo. I love knowing I'm not the only woman who objectifies men.
  5. Spending several hours with great friends.
I'm already looking forward to our next PWK Night Out.



Ryan Beaumont said...

I thought this was an 'effin hand blog, now it's a GD shoe blog, OMG.

So my suggestion for tomorrow's HNT is Kat with only bowling shoes! That would be HOT.

Naughty Kitty said...

Okay, I think I am developing a little girl crush on Cara...and Daunt of course! I agree about the shoes.

My friends and I have had the ethnic penis size discussion as well as the ethnic sex drive discussion. I really should do a spreadsheet and measure all these guys after asking their ethnicity.

I have to say the biggest in size that I have seen so far was on a lebanese guy that was maybe 5'6"-5'8". He was also the best lover.

My German lover who was an older man was a close 2nd and had a pretty big dick as well. He turned out to be an asshole though so that takes away points in my opinion.

DauntlessD said...

Ryan, a hand-blog? haha, is that blog you jerk off to?

Wait... Kat was looking at my ass?

Cara Janes said...

Oh, I'm SO disappointed. I was hoping she was looking at my ass.

And... just so you all know, I was pretty suave when "reported" the cheating whores not wearing bowling shoes. Here's how it went:
Me: So, I'm noticing that others aren't wearing bowling shoes. I didn't realize that was an option. May I turn mine in for a refund?
16-year working at the desk: Wull... Um, no you have to wear them because of the wood on the floors and stuff. If you wear like your own shoes, they could like get our floors dirty and like mess 'em up and stuff.
Me: Oh really because the party [of highly annoying young people] over there are wearing their street shoes.
16-year-old: Oh, huh, we'll have to have someone look in to that.

Ya, so that's how it went. I was not happy about it.

I was, however, happy about schooling Kat at bowling. She has her talents; I have mine.;-)

Bob said...

@Cara. I'll never forget to comment on one of your HNTs *ever again*.

@Kat. I'm totally looking forward to your HNT. I'm so glad that you suck at bowling.

serendipity said...

OK I might be wrong, but isn't there some sort of rule that if there isn't a HNT pic posted on Thursday, then 2 pic's will be provided? If that's truuue... Doesn't sexy Kat need to post TWO pis's of herself for all of her devoted readers? If I have this wrong and it's just wishful thinking, then can we have 2 pic's just because you love us so? :)

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