Friday, November 18, 2011

Compliant Surrender

It had been a lazy day of companionship, peppered with the comfortable small talk, laughter and touches that lovers share. Settling on the couch the couple prepares for yet another leisurely encounter: watching a movie together.

Picking up the remote he presses Play. Music and the opening credits begin to roll filling the room with sound. Enjoying his closeness and warmth she raises her eyes to his and leans in for a kiss. He accepts the kiss, then takes another, and another; mouths part hungrily. He kisses her neck and smiles as he hears her almost inaudible purr. The flashing screen and noise are forgotten.

Sliding his hand down over her shirt it slips under the waistband of her pants. Her legs lazily fall open accepting his touch. Wet and aroused his finger glides into her easily followed by a another. She arches her back with a quiet moan.

“Does my pussy want to cum?”, he asks beginning a slow circle of her clit with his thumb.

A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. She likes it when he claims her. “Mmmm, yesss”, she answers.

His hand goes still and slowly begins to withdraw. “Yes? Yes, what?”

Her eyes pierce his. Her face is flushed sensual hunger. “Mmmm, YES, your pussy wants to cum.” She tilts her hips and pushes herself down onto his hand.

Satisfied with her answer he curls his fingers finding her g-spot and slowly escalates the massage of her clit.

“Oooohhh... ohhh god... mmmmm”, she moans huskily.

He watches as her head falls back, eyes sleepily falling closed. He knows her climax is near. His other hand slides over the nape of her neck, onto the back of her head. Gripping her hair he turns her face to his. “Look at me.” he commands.

She trembles in his arms brought back from the edge to comply. Her glazed eyes slowly open and find his. Half-lidded, gazing into his eyes her orgasm takes her. Her body shudders with pleasure, but she never breaks eye contact; pussy clenching, squirting into his hand.

He smiles gently kissing her. Removing his hand he places his fingers in her mouth. Hungrily she sucks them clean.

This is a true story and is not a Friday Fantasy. Initially as I started writing I had Daunt (me) for the He in this story and Madison as the She, but as I went along the idea came to me to allow you the reader to plug yourself into this hot little tale. I hope you enjoyed it.



Kat said...

Daunt, this was very, very hot! Madison is a lucky gal!

Heaven said...

Steamy writing...

Naughty Kitty said...

Very nice Daunt! Do you make house calls?
Naughty Kitty