Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Checking In with JJ

It was almost 1:00 when I drove into the hotel parking lot. As I did, it occurred to me that I'd been there many times, so many times that this had become a very comfortable place for me, in spite of the fact that Strange Hotel Guy still creeped me out a little. I had just sent JJ a text telling him I was almost there, and before I could get a reply, I saw his car in the parking lot.

I pulled in to the space next to him. By the time I got out of my car, he was standing next to me, reaching out to give me a big hug and one of his amazing, deep kisses. All I could think about at that moment was how much I had missed him. To put it bluntly, our work schedules sucked. Seeing him once every few weeks was simply not enough.

But that didn't matter at that moment. What mattered then was that he was here and I was here and I was in his arms and his tongue was in my mouth and.....holy heck! We were making out in the parking lot, in full view of anyone who happened to pass by.  Being comfortable in a place is not always a good thing. As we walked quickly toward the lobby, he slipped his hand into mine, and I thought about how natural and comfortable it felt to be with him.  No matter how much time passed in-between meetings, it felt like we just picked up where we left off.

When we got to the front desk, guess who was there?  Yup.  Strange Hotel Guy. JJ pulled out some cash and asked if we could just pay cash without running a credit card - brilliant! We were such regulars that the guy would be stupid to say no.  He said yes and he started typing in the computer.  It dawned on me that we had been coming here many months, but Strange Hotel Guy had not gotten any better at working the damn computer. He eventually finished and gave JJ a key card. Finally!

We were chatting as we walked down the hallway and entered the room. I couldn't wait to kiss him again and get him out of those clothes, but I also wanted to talk with him and catch up with what was going on in his life. We kept talking as we walked over to the bed, but clothes started coming off as we walked.  First his shirt. Then my pants.  His jeans.  My panties.

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me toward him. No more talking. The kisses were gentle at first, then more and more demanding. His hands, which were on the small of my back, started sliding along my body - up my back, down my leg, over my behind.  Then one slowly slipped between my legs as his knee nudged my legs apart.

I gasped as he touched me. It had been so long and I didn't fully know how much I had missed him until that moment. He moaned a little and whispered, "Mmmm.....so wet.  Very nice," before I interrupted him with my kiss. He fingered me perfectly - another benefit of knowing someone so well.  He knew exactly what I wanted and how I liked it.  I was still standing in front of him; my legs became unsteady as I became more and more aroused.  I held onto his shoulders for support, and he whispered, "Come for me." He knows his voice is 50% of what drives me over the edge so it seemed unfair that he said that right then because I wanted it to last a little longer, but I couldn't control it. Less than a minute later I was shaking, screaming into his mouth as we kissed, begging him not to stop.

I could feel him smiling, pleased and amused at the power he had over me. I was still coming as he whispered, "That's my good girl." I moaned gratefully and kissed him some more.

After he was certain I was finished, he stood up, pulled off his underwear, and moved behind me. He quickly put his hand on the back of my neck, pushing me forward, bending me over the side of the bed. I smiled at his urgency, and I spread my legs slightly and went up on my tippy toes (necessary because he's so tall and I'm so short) as I leaned forward, steadying myself  on the bed.

My knees were still unsteady as he entered me, driving forward and pulling me back onto him at the same time. We both moaned. A wave of thoughts washed over my mind in those first few seconds. How is it possible that it's always this good, every time? I could do this for a long, long, time. Why do I let so much time go by in between meetings? Damn, this feels so good.

The pleasure soon overpowered my thoughts and I couldn't think at all. I grabbed onto the  bed coverings and tried to press back against him as he fucked me. Each stroke was hard and deep and filled me completely. Just as I started to relax into it, I felt myself start to cum again. It startled me; I hadn't expected to cum again so quickly.  I could feel his cock harden even more inside me, and I knew that he'd be cuming soon. I started rocking back against him faster, hoping that I could bring myself over the edge again before him.  Just as I started to cum, he did, driving hard inside me and holding. I kept moving, reaching for it.....I just needed a few... more... seconds.

Got it.  I pushed back against him one more time, shuddering.  I could hear a little chuckle in his moaning right then. I was a little embarrassed......such a slut working so hard to steal one more orgasm before he pulled out of me. He leaned over and kissed my back as he always did.  I loved that.....such a gentle acknowledgement of what we had just shared.

We both climbed onto the bed and collapsed.  I rolled over next to him.  He wrapped his arms around me and held me.  We stayed that way, quietly, for several minutes.  I can't remember who spoke first, but we started talking and catching up on our lives. He told me about his wife, his work.  I told him about my family, my work. We chatted about the newest iPhone news, the blog, plans for the next few weeks.

And we kissed. Hundreds of kisses.  We'd kiss in between topics.  He'd talk, and I'd kiss his neck.  I'd talk, and he'd kiss my neck, then my breast. I stroked his cock while he talked.  If it started to soften, I stroked it some more. Even our casual conversation became sensuous, part of the sexual experience.

We looked at he clock.  We didn't have much time this time, only about an hour and a half, and an hour of that was already gone.  He kissed my neck and whispered, "I want you one more time before we have to go." He got no argument from me.

He got up on his knees and knelt behind me.  I rolled over and got up onto my knees as well and then leaned forward. As he took me again, I had more time to enjoy the sensations and the effect of different movements. Always the gentleman, he waited until I came before releasing and surrendering to his pleasure.

We curled up together again for a few moments, until we both knew we had to go. This is always the saddest time because we both want to stay.  Neither of us wants to leave. I always think about what would happen if I didn't go back to my life right at that moment.  Would it be so bad if I just stole the day and stayed in his arms for a few more hours? But I know we can't stay.

We get up, get cleaned up, get dressed.  We each pull out our phones to check our schedules and see when we can meet again. We found a day and time that would work the next week. For some reason, that eases the sting of separating now.

We both look around the room to make sure we have everything.  Phone, keys, sunglasses. Check. He takes my hand and we leave the room.  We both say goodbye to Strange Hotel Guy as we walk through the lobby.  This is a far cry from those early days when we were nervous and didn't make eye contact with him.

We walk into the parking lot and over to our cars, and our afternoon together ends as it began, with his arms around me as we kiss by my car door.

Five minutes later, we are both in our cars driving in opposite directions on the freeway, and all I can think about is our plan for next week. Checking in with JJ is always a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

And the new-found fidelity w/ your husband as you both negotiate a future...a thing of the past? Or is this story from the past?

Naughty Kitty said...

Is it wrong that I envy what you and JJ have?

There was a time when I thought I might have that with someone.

Victoria said...

@Naughty Kitty: not wrong at all! I envy the connection too...

Anonymous said...

Naughty Kitty, Victoria - I had a preview of the story and Kat was grasping for a title. You both picked up on what I did. The real intimacy was in the "Checking in" with each other.

Southern Sir said...

I think deep down everyone wants a connection like that.

Kat said...

Anonymous - Does it matter?

NaughtyKitty, Victoria, Southern Sir - It's all about connection, isn't it? I used to think it was about sex, but now I know better.

ys seem to see the real message before I do. What's up with that?

Southern Sir said...

Kat, with out that connection, without the tie that binds, it is merely and act, a physical release.
But when there is more, when there is that connection, it reaches deeper, it plumbs to the depths of ones very soul and touches one in such a special way.

Anonymous said...

...Does it matter?...

It does to your husband...and it would to you if the roles were reversed, and YOU were recommitting to a relationship only to find out your "partner" in that effort wasn't playing by the (assumed)(agreed upon) rules.

Anonymous said...

I'm new here ... does JJ ever eat you?

Myli said...

I always loved you and JJ together. So hot! I can't read about your next check in!