Friday, March 18, 2011

All Filled Up - A Naughty Story

It's a rainy day here today, which makes me long for cozy, warm embraces and even more naughtiness in a secluded hotel room. Since there is little chance of fulfilling that desire today, I've had to rely on my memory of past pleasurable moments to keep me warm. Today, my mind is wandering constantly to P. Yes, you read about P in The Contender, so you know he's a favorite of mine. That story was about our first meeting, but today my mind keeps focusing on another meeting...

He was waiting for me when I got to the room. Work had been crazy.  I was frazzled, but I knew that an oasis was right in front of me, and time with him would be like jumping into a pool of cool water on a hot summer day. He opened the door and smiled that amazing smile of his and my stress started to melt away immediately. The rest of it evaporated as soon as he closed the door, pulled me close to him, and kissed me.

Those kisses.....Words are inadequate to describe them. I turned my head up and stretched up to meet his lips. It felt natural just to let him take over - probing my mouth with his tongue, reaching a hand into my panties, holding me tight against him with his other arm. Yes, surrendering to P was the most natural thing in the world.

The last time we were together, clothes came off a little at a time. Not this time. As soon as there was a break in the kissing, I pulled off my shirt, bra, pants, and panties, as quickly as I could.  The only time I paused was when he took off his shirt. Mmmm.....that is a lovely sight to be savored.  I couldn't help myself from stopping and staring for a moment, but I couldn't tarry long. I had to finish undressing so I could feel his hands against my skin and get close enough again to kiss that gorgeous body of his. As soon as we were naked he pulled me back to him and starting kissing me again. He slid a hand easily between my legs and started teasing my clit. I opened my legs a little and leaned back against a chair to steady myself, still unable to stop kissing him. His hand was gentle, and he moved slowly, but I knew that soon he would be forceful and commanding, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations that started surging as his fingers meandered purposefully over my clit.

Soon, we were on the bed and P was on top of me, still kissing me, nudging my legs apart and sliding his nice hard cock inside me. I don't care how many times I experienced it, that was an amazing feeling. I lifted my knees so I could feel him deeper, arching my back, rocking with him as he thrusted slowly. He didn't look away or close his eyes while he was fucking me; he looked right into my eyes and held my gaze as he moved faster, almost like he was studying me, memorizing every expression as I surrendered to him. That first orgasm was gentle. It built slowly and released like a levee being overtaken by a river and then bursting open.

While I was still coming, he asked, "What do you want now?"  I rolled over onto my hands and knees and told him, "I want you from behind."  He smiled (damn, I loved that smile!) and slid his cock into my pussy quickly.  He grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto to him so he could hold me there while he pumped me hard and fast. He knew I loved the intensity of moving directly from one orgasm to the beginning of another, but he wouldn't let me have it yet. As I was starting to shudder, he pulled out of my pussy and slid his cock into my ass.  He was gentle and slow at first - always considerate - but that didn't last long. Soon, he was thrusting wildly, making me grunt and moan with with every stroke.  Then he pulled out again and went back to my pussy, making me scream as he entered me.  By now, I was bucking against him forcefully, wanting more, wanting it harder, wanting it deeper. He uttered softly, "So that's what you want, darlin', isn't it?" I nodded my head, and moaned approval as I came hard. "Ah, that's my good girl," he said. I purred with satisfaction and didn't move, letting the pleasure spasms continue.

A minute or so later, he pulled out and stayed behind me, rubbing my pussy with his hand.  I could hear the wetness as he inserted a finger inside me, then another, and another.  I was resting, head on the pillow, ass in the air, catching my breath, when I realized what he was doing. I couldn't help myself; I had to push back against him.  He added another finger, twisted his hand...moved his hand in and out slowly, letting me stretch to accommodate him. He slid a finger into my ass, too, and I could feel my body responding, ready to go again. He just kept going, fisting me exactly the way I like.  I loved it, and I thought he was going to let me cum like that, but hen I felt another finger in my wasn't his hand. He had slipped his hard cock back into my ass while he was fisting me (yes, very tall guy....long arms), alternately pumping the two so I had to hold steady, not knowing when to push back, wanting both deeper, fully filled by him. OMG!

There have been a few times in my life when the physical sensation of a sexual encounter was so intense that I just couldn't think.  This was one of those times. My brain checked out and my body took over. All I remember were the waves of pleasure, the fullness of him in both my cunt and my ass, the sounds of my own breathing and squealed moans, and the pressure of his strong thrusts.

I laid on the bed next to him afterwards, catching my breath again, not quite sure if what I thought just happened had really happened. We chatted for a bit (I loved listening to him talk, learning about his life...really, a remarkable man). Then our time togetehr ended as it had before - with him rolling on top of me and me wrapping my legs around him while we made love.  Gentle and sweet.  Hips grinding together.  Deep kisses. He took his time, waiting for me, moving slowly until I started to shake and release.  Then he moved faster and harder and came deep inside me. I smiled as he shuddered and groaned., so nice.

As always, our time was over way too quickly.  We both had to get back to work. But there would be another time..and another.  He promised me a double fisting soon.  Ooooo! Doesn't that sound like fun?

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taking his time............ always leads to the MOST INTENSE orgasms.