Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prowling Friendships

My previous blog posts were requested by Kat, but now it is time for me to take the training wheels off and post something on my own.

Roughly six months ago I began reflecting on my life and discovered I was bored; just flat tired of the drudgery of the same old routine. Also due to some of life's curve-balls I was discontent and more socially isolated than I liked. Quietly I began looking for some relief to these problems and found Ashley Madison.

On the outset sex seemed to be the primary objective; that is what Ashley Madison is for right? In the end, Ashley Madison gave me something completely unexpected.

So how did I come to be Prowling with Kat? Well that story in and of it self is rather typical, married boy creates account on Ashley Madison and meets married girl. What is not typical, the part that is truly unique, is the relationship that has grown between me and Kat. We have become fast friends, partners in crime, and confidants. Our differences are as striking as the ways we compliment, support and encourage one another.

Our assumption has been that spawning a friendship like ours from Ashley Madison is rare, but maybe we are wrong. What do you think? Anyone out there have a similar story?

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Anonymous said...

You two are not alone. I have met an incredible friend through AM. We have indulged in our attraction once in a while along the way, which has been incredible when it happens. but more so, our relationship is lasting and has meaning to where we dont ever want to walk away. Its been more fulfilling than the sex I have found (which I enjoy too, don't get me wrong) but it is possible to find friendship, if you are open to it. We bring each other peace and comfort in this crazy secret life we lead.