Friday, March 11, 2011

The Contender - Another Naughty Adventure

Just because I declared J The Best Sex of My Life doesn't mean that there haven't been other worthy contenders. Without a doubt, the strongest contender for that title so far has been P.

I met P online and he got my attention immediately. He was witty and bright (and you all know by now how I feel about smart men), and he responded quickly to emails (which is a big plus for me). Then we chatted on the phone and I became enamored with his accent (yes, another sexy accent...I know, I'm a sucker for that, like most women) and his sense of humor and his great stories. Chatting with him was so easygoing and comfortable that I didn't think twice when he proposed a meeting.

We met at a hotel we had agreed on in advance.  He got the room and was waiting for me there when I arrived. I love that moment of electricity when you first meet someone new.  P was handsome - 6'2", slender, strong, greying hair, gorgeous smile, hypnotic eyes. I know we said something in greeting, but I can't remember it.  All I remember are his arms reaching out for me and his amazing kiss. I don't know how long we stood there kissing; it was one of those kisses that just made time disappear.

Eventually, we moved toward the bed, peeling off clothes along the way. As we laid on the bed, still kissing (seriously, there was no way I was pulling away from that man's mouth), he reached a hand down between my legs and easily slid a finger inside me. I gasped....he moaned with approval and commented on how wet I was. I opened my legs a little more for him and relaxed as he teased my clit. Orgasm #1 came quickly for me.  Hungry for #2, I eagerly pulled my legs up as he moved on top of me and entered me.

Here's where I have to admit to something.  Instead of paying attention and noting everything that happened so I could re-tell the story later, I just got lost in the moment/couple of hours of amazing sex. I remember how amazing his nice hard cock felt as he first entered me. I remember how he rolled me over after a while and entered me from behind, fucking me hard and fast like I like. I remember him pulling out of my cunt and entering my ass quickly and forcefully. I remember swallowing his cock later. I remember him fisting me perfectly and losing control as I bucked against him. I remember cuming 2, 3, then 4 times before we stopped for a rest.  And I remember his amazing voice as he talked dirty to me through the whole thing. Ok, so I remember some things, but the rest was a haze of pleasure.

We stopped for a rest and a chat, and I learned more about him as he retold some great stories.  I watched him while he was talking, thinking what a remarkable man he was. How did I get so lucky to find him?  There are hundreds of men who have sent messages and emails.  How did I get so lucky to answer his instead of just moving right passed it like most of the others?

After  a while, I just couldn't stand it anymore.  I leaned over and kissed him again - deeply, but gently. That's when I saw the strong, hard-fucking side of him change to his gentle, passionate side. He rolled on top of me again and started fucking me slowly and deeply, still kissing me. I wrapped my legs around him and started moving with him. What had been an amazing pleasure fuck a few minutes before felt a lot like making love now.  I remember asking myself, "How can that be?" and I also remember telling myself, "Who cares? Just go with it." That last orgasm was the strongest - long, dizzying, back-arching, toe-curling, shaking me to the core.  He didn't stop thrusting, letting me ride it as long as I could before he released himself.

Afterwards, I was spent. What had just happened? The first time with someone wasn't supposed to be that amazing. If it was that good when we didn't know each other yet, what would be like after we were more familiar with each other and knew each other's preferences and idiosyncrasies?

We looked at the clock and knew we both had to go.  We dressed quickly and he walked me to my car. I got another sweet, final kiss before I left. I knew I'd see this man again.  He was definitely a contender.

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