Thursday, March 24, 2011

Contented Kat?

I was chatting with a good friend this morning (yes, a prowler) and he brought up the topic of being content, not needing to actively prowl.  He's got three honeys in his prowling queue, and he's pretty happy with that (and them). The thought of actively looking for more is just not appealing to him right now.

That got me thinking about where I am, and honestly, I'm in the same place.  That realization shocked me because I'm never (ok, rarely) satisfied, yet here I am feeling pretty content with my honey-on-the-side and not even tempted to open Ashley Madison to prowl around a bit. Wow. In fact, I haven't been active on AM for quite a while.

Here's what's going on:  I am having some big challenges at work that are demanding my focus and attention, leaving me with less time for prowling than I would like and that I have had in the past. I have a good friend to whom I can tell anything and that's really nice. Things at home are pretty calm. And as for my honey-on-the-side, he really gets me. Our relationship has just the right blend of friendship and heat to keep me satisfied. Of course, I'd love more time with him, but I think that would be true no matter how much time we had together. Finally, all of your wonderful emails give me the chance to get my flirt on when I'm feeling that need, too (and I really do appreciate hearing from you -- keep 'em coming!). What more could a Kat want?

Does this mean you won't be seeing any more naughty posts?  Heck, no!  I'm as naughty and horny as ever (seriously, I am) and you know how I love to share that with you.

My point is that I wanted to share that sometimes you can reach a really nice place in this prowling lifestyle. You don't have to be on the hunt and on edge all the time.  It can be comfortable, supportive, even loving. Now, I know that some of you prowling dogs out there dig the hunt. In fact, it's the hunt that you really need. If that's you, get your hunt on! If you're looking for something a little less stressful (but no less intense), just be aware that it's possible.

So, for now, picture me as a contented Kat, sprawled out naked and comfortable on a bear skin rug in front of a nice warm fire.  Honey, are you going to join me?


Ryan Beaumont said...

Your post made me think a bit and then do some googling. According to my findings the average lion kills only what it needs to eat and it eats about 15 herbavores per year. So what I infer is that other than a few bits of scavenging the lion tends to stay satisfied on most days but will enevitably be on the prowl eventually :)

So then the question is, how long can you go between meals (herbavores)!

Kat said...

Excellent research, Ryan! And you pose a good question - how long can I go between meals (or being someone's meal...hehe)?

I should clarify - I'm not going without meals (thank you, sweet honey-on-the-side; I'm just not chasing prey. Yes, Kat's conquests are prey. You think only men can hunt? ;-)

Mickey said...

well Kat...yes of course I will join you. But more information please are you sprawled out lying on your tummy or on your back. these things are important for the full picture

Kat said...

I'm lying on my side with a "come hither" look on my face. Does that help you with the picture?