Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick Parking Lot Surprise

M and I had just finished having lunch.  We were both just too busy with work for anything more than a quick bite, but that was fine with me because I enjoyed his company so much. After we ate, he walked me to my car and we kissed.  I'm sure you remember what a great kisser M is, right? After the kiss, he opened my car door for me and motioned for me to get in.

Then he leaned over, put his head inside the car and kissed me some more, but now his hand wandered between my legs and he started rubbing my pussy through my pants.  I moaned and squirmed in protest a bit.  I had to get back to work.  This was a very public and busy parking lot. But he wasn't interested in my concerns.  He kissed me harder, pushing my head back against the headrest and thrusting his tongue in my mouth so I couldn't say anything even if I wanted to. I pressed against his hand as he rubbed me, wishing we had time for more.

Eventually, he backed up and stood up right next to me.  I could see that his dick was hard and I instinctively reached out to stroke him though his pants. I looked up at him and he was smiling approvingly. A moment later I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to look, I saw a couple sitting in the car directly in front of us, watching us. I quickly looked away and pulled my hand back from M's cock.  He laughed. "What's the matter?" he said. "It's not like you're ever going to see them again, is it?" He clearly didn't have the same fear of getting arrested for lewd acts in public that I did.

He saw that I was embarrassed and concerned, so he leaned inside the car and kissed me again.  For some reason, it felt more private and secluded in the car than just outside it.  As we kissed, he slid his hand between my legs again and continued rubbing like he was doing before, but then he slipped his hand inside my pants and panties and slid a finger inside me.  I gasped and opened my legs a little wider. Between his intoxicating kisses and his finger circling my clit, I forgot all about where we were and I focused completely on him and the sensations in my body.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, please," I moaned.

"Do you deserve it?" he asked.


He went back to kissing me, moving his finger faster, causing me to start rocking my hips and moaning. A moment later, he said, "Are you going to ask me?"

"Please.....may I cum now?"

(long pause while I squirmed some more)

"Yes, you may."

He kissed me harder and I moaned into his mouth as I came.  He smiled into our kiss, rather pleased with himself, I imagine.

When I stopped shaking, he pulled back and leaned out of the car, putting his fingers, wet with my cum, into his mouth.  Then he kissed me again.

As he turned to walk to his car, he looked back, smiled again and said, "Thanks for the dessert,"


Rod said...

Mmmmmm now that is hot!! Nothing better than some good hot sex in the car - even better whern you get to tease a hot lady!
Thanks sexy Kat! :)

Kat said...

Thanks, Rod. I liked it, too. ;)