Sunday, April 24, 2011

What? No Sex?!?!

The minute I'm told I can't have something I start to want it even more. For example, my doctor once told me that I could not drink alcohol with a particular medication I was taking. Now, I haven't had a drink of alcohol for over 20 years, but as soon as the doctor told me I couldn't, that was all I could think about.

My doctor did it to me again. I had a medical procedure done on Friday and my doctor said, "No sex for two weeks."

Nooooo! Are you kidding me?

If I were in-between prowling stints, it wouldn't really matter. Two weeks without sex with hubby is normal. In fact, if we had sex at least every two weeks I might not be the sex crazed, constantly horny Kat you have come to know and love (Nah...I'd still be horny). But since I've really embraced my prowling side, two weeks without sex seems like an eternity.

Hubby is not helping at all. As soon as he heard I couldn't have sex, he got horny and started touching, caressing, cuddling, kissing. WTF???!!!! It only took me a few hours to figure it out (assisted by his cock slipping into my mouth) -- For hubby, sex is all about him (I know, shocking, isn't it?). A two week moratorium for me means a party for him. He gets all the oral and anal he can finagle out of me without having to make even a tiny effort to please me. 

What happened to his lack of interest in sex? What about his performance difficulties? Trust me. They will magically reappear on day 14 of my doctor-imposed chastity period. 

In the meantime, I can't close my eyes without a delectable picture of my naked and sexy honey popping into my head. 

The doc said the two weeks would be no big deal because I wouldn't even want sex for a couple of weeks. Who was she kidding? 

Clearly, she forgot who she was talking to.


Liam said...

Kat - 2 weeks? Yow. You're tough and resourceful; I'm sure you'll survive. You may not enjoy it ...

Anonymous said...

I hope that doesn't mean you won't be posting for two weeks?? I love reading your stuff!!

Brightpink0 said...

1. Your husband sounds a little like a selfish ass.
2. You should tell your husband that it's really not safe for you to be getting all "excited" doing him, so you must refrain until the end of the two weeks. Then you two should take your turns with each other.
3. You should focus your energies on P, or some other hot man who is deserving of your attention.

Anonymous said...

You think that's bad, it's going to be 6 weeks without for me after my procedure next month. I am going to be climbing the walls.

Anonymous said...

But it's going to be so incredibly hot when those two weeks are up!
You should give hubby all the oral and anal he can handle, but only on credit, he should owe you big time with interest and gladly pay you back. Just the thought of it is getting me all worked up right now, gotta go take care of something.....