Saturday, April 9, 2011

Surrendering to M (Part 1)

Everything about meeting with M was comfortable. It was a familiar hotel. He had a familiar smile on his face when he opened the door. And that 

I've shared with you before that I think I could kiss M forever. This time was no different. There was just something about M that made me feel safe when he put his arms around me. M is tall, with strong arms and broad shoulders. When he pulled me close, wrapped those arms around me and kissed me (again, that kiss....mmmm), I just melted into him, and it was easy to forget everything happening on the other side of that door. With M, nothing else mattered. I forgot about all the demands and stress of my life and could be totally present with him. It takes a really special man to make me feel like I can completely let go of myself. M was definitely a special guy.

We laid on the bed and kissed and talked for a while. That was different. Usually, the talking came after the sex, but M and I had come to know each other so well that we both really wanted to catch up a bit. We talked about his job and mine, our kids, our spouses. No topic was off limits, and that's definitely one of the things I loved about him. 

After a few minutes of catching up, M told me to get up and stand by the foot of the bed. I smiled a knowing smile, but he wasn't smiling. He was suddenly very serious and he watched me intently as I stood by the bed.

"Take off your clothes," he said, and le leaned up on his elbow so he could be more comfortable as he watched. 

I pulled off my sweater and tossed it aside. Then my pants, trying not to take my eyes off him ad he watched me.

"Nice pink panties," he said through a smile. I knew he would like those. Everything else I was wearing was black and I knew the bright pink panties would get his attention.

I slid out of my blouse, and reached behind to unhook my black lace bra. The hooks gave me a little trouble, and the longer I stood there fussing with it, the more aware I became of his eyes on me and the more self conscious I felt. Finally, the last hook released and I tossed the bra aside. I stood there in nothing but my pink panties, looking at him for a moment, wondering if he would say anything, but he simply nodded, indicating that should continue.

I hooked my thumbs under my panties on each side and slid them down, shimmying out of them, then kicking them aside. I felt unbelievably exposed standing there naked in from him. He just watched me as I stood there.

Soon, I couldn't stand it anymore so I jumped onto the bed and crawled back into his arms. He protested that he hadn't given me permission to move, but his protests stopped as soon as his hands felt my bare skin and his mouth started sucking my neck. 

I wrapped a leg around him as his hand started moving down my side, over my hip, and between my legs. He started circling my clit with his finger slowly, then he suddenly stopped and told me to roll over on my stomach. I complied. He got undressed quickly and came back and started gently rubbing my back.

He brushed my hair aside and kissed the back of my neck, then my shoulder, then my back. As he kissed his way downy body, his hands were just a little bid ahead, rubbing and very lightly massaging my lower back, my hips, my buttocks, my thighs.... He moved slowly - very, very slowly - letting my anticipation build. All I could hear was my breathing, his breathing, and the quiet breathless sound of each soft kiss.

By time his kisses reached my lower back, his fingers slid inside me and I shuddered. I moaned involuntarily and he responded by pulling his hand back. My moan of pleasure turned into one of protest. He waited patiently for me to be quiet again before he continued. 

His fingers slid in and out of my pussy slowly and rhythmically. Every now and then, they would slide into my ass instead of my pussy, making me squeal quietly and arch my back. He kept doing that until those squeals became moans and I started pressing back against his hand. 

Our room was across the hall from a conference room, and now I could hear voices in the hallway and the conference room as people were arriving for a meeting. Great timing, I thought. If I can hear them just chatting in normal voices, then I'm sure they can hear me moaning and begging for M to fuck me, or to at least to put some more fingers inside me.

He didn't have time to do anything besides finger fuck me a bit harder because I started to cum. I asked his permission to cum (the last time I came without his permission he bent me over a couch and gave my bare ass a pretty hard spanking...that taught me to ask first). He teased me for about 30 seconds, withholding his permission, enjoying hearing me beg and watching me writhe against his hand. Finally, he said yes, and I let go, pushing back against his hand, screaming.....

I heard a pause in the conversation across the hall. Their talking started again as my screams turned into whimpers....

But M wasn't done. He kept fingering me, making me move through that uncomfortable post-orgasmic period of touching when everything  is *so* sensitive down there to that place where the pleasure starts rising again, more intensely, more urgently. He knew  that my first orgasm was never the best one for me. In fact, he knew me well enough to know that if I could still  talk and answer questions intelligibly, I wasn't near my best O, so he proceeded to work me through those amazing phases of abandon I go through on my journey to total surrender. 

After O number three, he told me to turn over onto my back....

To be continued....

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