Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Fantasy in the First Person

You've explained to me that things are going to be different this time, and that you want my full obedience. You know I will do whatever you want, that it excites me to do what you want, so I have no trouble agreeing to obey you. You send me an email telling me that when you knock on the door, I am not to answer it. Instead, I am to slide the key under the door for you, and then sit on the edge of the bed with my eyes closed, hands behind my back, and legs spread open.

I hear the knock, and I rush to slide the key under the door. Then I sit on the edge of the bed like you told me. I'm wearing a black lace see-through negligee with nothing underneath, and a short satin robe. I open the robe so I'll be exposed to you when you enter. I feel the wetness between my legs as I open then wide.... waiting for the door to open.

I hear you enter room, but I resist the urge to open my eyes and look at you. I hear you moving around the room. I think I hear you undressing but I can't be sure. I just wait. I feel you approach me. You slide my robe off my shoulders and then pull the neckline of my negligee down, fully exposing my breasts. Then you touch my breast. I gasp and arch my back to press against your hand. You kiss me and I return your kiss hungrily. You start pinching my nipples, gently at first, then harder... harder. I wince a little bit, but you don't stop....you step away and come back quickly. I feel you attaching nipple clamps to me. I moan at the pain. "Sshhhhh," you say. I bite my lip to stay quiet as you pull on the chain between the two clamps. You drop the chain, and a whimper escapes my lips. The pain focuses my attention entirely on my breasts, so I'm caught unaware as you step between my legs and put your hard cock in my mouth.

You grab my head with both hands, entwining my hair in your fingers, and force me to take you all the way into my throat. Then you slowly, but roughly, fuck my mouth deeply. I try to move as you are directing me to, both to please you and to keep the chain between my tits from moving....every time you push your cock into my mouth, the chain jerks and pulls on the clamps, hurting a little more each time. I change my approach. Instead of trying not to let the chain move, I decide to comply with what you want, and I suck you as hard as I can, in spite of the fact that this makes the chain jump around, tugging on me hard..... I hear you moan with approval. I can feel your cock hardening even more in my mouth as you start to cum. As you pull me onto you hard by the hair, releasing into my mouth, you reach down and grab the chain, pulling up on it hard. I squeal....

It's then that I realise I have been grinding my pussy against the bed wantonly.

You pull out of mouth and I lick you gratefully.... You gently tug on the chain, guiding me to move all the way onto the bed.... I keep my legs open and my eyes closed. You gently remove the clamps from my nipples and I cry out because each hurts more in the second the pressure is removed....then you gently suckle each nipple to relieve the pain, first one, then the other. The pain gives way to even more arousal.... I squirm a little and feel your hand slide between my legs. I tilt my hips slightly to press against your hand. You kiss me and whisper in my ear, telling me not to move. I stop rocking my hips, as you told me. Your fingers start exploring my pussy, teasing my clit, sliding in and out of me....

I moan, knowing that I won't be able to stay still much longer. Your fingers are moving faster, I start to shake.... You stop suddenly and remind me not to move. I apologise. I'm trying. You ask if I want more. I nod my head... Yes, please. Your hand goes back to work. I start to purr....
I start to shake again. You stop. You whisper to me, "Whose pussy is this?" "Yours," I answer. I know I answered correctly because you reward me with a deep kiss and your hand moves on me again.

I start to moan into your mouth... You stop...wait.... Start again , bringing me close to orgasm and pulling back over and over again. I can feel you smile as you kiss me. You're enjoying this torture. Soon, the intensity is so high that I just start begging, "Please...please....please." You ask me, "What do you want?" I'm breathing heavily, speaking in between moans as I shake involuntarily, "You. I want... You...Please...please....fuck me....please..."

You stop touching me again. I whine... But you nudge me to roll over and you get behind me. I lift my behind for you and look back at you... I'm so wet that you slide inside me easily. I purr as you enter me and press back against you. You slap my ass---HARD---- and tell me, "Now you move." You kneel behind me still as I move forward and back, impaling myself on you cock ... Again, again.... Shaking again.... I think about cumming without asking for permission because I couldn't bear it if you said no, but I know I must have your permission first, so I ask. You grab my hips and start pounding me. I ask again. No answer. Soon, I'm begging again. Finally, when I think I can't wait any longer, you grant me permission and I let go... cuming hard, screaming as I buck against you. Feeling you pull me back on you hard as you unload into me. I'm still cumming, still shaking.

After, you lay next to me... Pull me next to you, kiss me.

I open my eyes and smile at you....

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