Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surrendering to M (Part 2)

I quickly rolled onto my back and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. He leaned over me and kissed me again - one of those long, deep, wet, passionate kisses - while his hand fondled one of my breasts, lingering a bit to pinch my nipple. I reached down and started stroking his cock, hoping that I'd get some of that next, but M had something else in mind.

He slid his hand down my belly and between my legs, kissed my neck and  slid a finger inside me. Then he kissed my breast as he slid another finger inside. His lips were on my belly as the third finger entered me. I opened my legs widely and moaned. Mmmm.... M knew I loved being fisted, but he had been hesitant in the past because his hands were so large, but that just made it better and more intense for me. This time he didn't hesitate at all. He moved slowly, sliding his fingers in and out, pressing in a little deeper with each stroke, stretching me, eventually adding another finger. The more he filled me, the more intoxicating the sensations became. I closed my eyes to block out everything but the pleasure. I tried to ask his permission to cum, but I couldn't speak; I was utterly controlled and focused by him, and I surrendered with a scream, releasing the last little bit of control I had to him.

He let me ride that orgasm all the way to the very end, until every last spasm subsided. Then he slowly pulled his hand out, in spite of my squeals of protest. 

I curled up next to him as he laid back on the bed, resting my head on his shoulder and throwing my leg over him. We rested there quietly for a few minutes, just enjoying the moment, the closeness. I shivered at the feel of his fingers lazily tracing small circles on my back. He kissed my forehead. I turned and kissed his neck. Then we chatted some more for awhile. 

At some point while he was talking, I starting kissing his neck again, moving to his collar bone, then his chest, his belly. He kept talking about work until I started repositioning myself between his legs. 

It's my turn to be in control now, I thought, as I took his hard cock into my mouth. I could have licked and teased him for awhile, but I knew he had waited long enough and he wasn't in the mood to wait any longer. I started sucking him deeply, slowly - taking it all into my mouth from the very first stroke.  The first time the head hit the back of my throat, I heard him gasp. The second time, his hips shuddered and he moaned. By the third time, he was thrusting his hips upward, trying to drive his cock as deeply into my mouth and throat as he could. 

Soon, his hands were on my head, attempting to control the speed, but I resisted just a little bit, just enough to keep control of his pleasure. A moment later he grabbed my hair and stopped me. "Are you sure you want this?" he asked. I knew what he meant. He wanted to know if I was ok with him coming in my mouth or if I wanted him to fuck me. Because he had fisted me so nicely and I had already come several times, I was fine with letting him fuck my mouth instead of one of my other choices, so I nodded yes.

With that, he put both hands on the back of my head, entwined his fingers in my hair, and took control away from me again.....forcing me down on him hard and forcefully, and then pulling my head up by the hair, then pushing me down again. I relaxed my jaw and surrendered to him again as he fucked my mouth faster and harder, finally pushing and holding me down one last time as he moaned, shuddered, and came deep in my throat. I swallowed...again, again. 

After, I curled up next to him again, and we relaxed together, talking some more, kissing some more, and enjoying the time together. 

Our time together was up too soon. It was time for both of us to get home. We got up, cleaned up, got dressed, and walked out of the room.

As we walked into the hallway, we noticed the door to the conference room across the hall was open, and about 15 men had turned and were looking at us. As I turned to head toward the elevator, I thought I noticed a few of them smiling.

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