Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DauntlessD Meets Hubby

In my post, When Worlds Collide, I shared how difficult it can be sometimes to keep my Kat world separate from my more respectable world. Well, today those two worlds came face to face, shook hands, and introduced themselves to each other, in a manner of speaking.

DauntlessD met Hubby.

First, let me back up for a moment and tell you who DauntlessD is (for those of you who don't already know). I met DauntlessD (let's just call him D, for short, shall we?) on Ashley Madison 6 or 7 months ago. Yes, our relationship started out as most others on AM do - flirting, getting to know each other, meeting - but it quickly developed into a wonderfully supportive friendship. D describes it better than I do in his post, Prowling Friendships.

Because there is no hanky panky going on, and because we've become such good friends, there shouldn't be a problem going public with the friendship, right?  Wrong.  How we met remained  a difficult point.  I can just imagine it now....."Hubby, this is D.  I met him on Ashley Madison while I was looking for an affair and some hot sex, but D and I are friends and we're not having sex so it's ok, right?"

So, we had to find a way to bring D into my respectable world in a way that would a) make Hubby feel comfortable with him, b) provide an acceptable excuse for him to be around from time to time, and c) provide an acceptable excuse for me to be texting and emailing him.  We figured it out (I'd tell you the secret, but then I may have to kill you) and today was D-day, the day to launch the plan and arrange for Hubby and  D to casually meet. It was set up to happen at my office.

I looked out my window and saw Hubby walking up the parking lot toward the back door. Hubby walked in and stepped into the office and the first desk he saw was one where D was sitting. I held my breath.

Then I heard:

Hubby: Hi, I'm Hubby (he used his real name, of course), Kat's husband.

D:  I'm D (doesn't he have a great way with words?)

Hubby: Kat said you'd be here today and that you'd be coming around from time to time.  Nice to meet you.

Then the conversation continued for another few seconds, but I couldn't hear what was said. I exhaled, before I passed out, and Hubby came directly into my office with some mail. We shared a little small talk, and he went about his business.

A little while later, D and I snuck out (separately, of course, and five minutes apart) and met for lunch.

Score! We did it! We successfully brought the two worlds together without me having a heart attack, and now our friendship is a little bit closer to being fully out of the closet, so to speak.

As first time AM meetings go, I thought this one was pretty successful, don't you?

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