Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fantasy - A Florida Keys Tale (A Guest Post by Ryan Beaumont)

Billy Crystal was mostly correct in that movie when he said men and women can never really be friends.  It’s hard and typically the guy is at least thinking about sex but sometimes when the girl is really cool and makes sure that friendship is the only thing on the menu it can be good.  And so it was with Meredith and me.  She was a fraternity little sister, a co-worker, and just and all around friend.

Of course, what can help that old male/female platonic friendship is a good looking female roommate!  But let me set the stage a bit first.

Meredith, as I said, was a fun person to be around.  The only thing more fun than being with Meredith was being around her and her 2 best friends and roommates Maggie and Melinda (yep 3 M’s).  They had another roommate Julia but she was not around as much.  She was even better looking than Meredith but I really never got to know her that well early on.

One spring break my 3 M’s were going down to the Florida Keys.  Meredith asked me if I wanted to go.  I think they needed a Sugar Daddy/chaperone.  I guess I would be the muscle and provide needed cash flow.  Although I was still in school I had a great job that made very good tips.  Bringing down $20K/year doesn’t sound like much now but back then and in school that was some serious cash.  And if this was what it meant to be taken advantage of then I surely didn’t mind.  And oh btw – Julia was going as well.

What I found out also is that I was designated driver for much of that overnight 18 hour haul down to Sugarloaf Key.  But that was OK, Julia ended up sitting shot gun for a lot of the way and I found we had a lot in common and we started to connect.

Once we got to the Keys we checked into our camp site.  Yes, camping with 4 women, I think I forgot to say that!  I can’t stand to be sedentary so the first thing on my to-do list was to go on a short run.  I ran down a road heading east from the camp site and away from RT 1.  About a mile down the road I came upon a washed out bridge.  I didn’t think much of it and decided to turn back to catch up to my girls.

That night we had a great time at Margaritaville, Sloppy Joe’s and several other places.  Julia turned out to be pretty enchanting after a few drinks.  For the first time I saw this wild, untamed, adventurous, yet alluring soul behind those pretty blue eyes and wavy blonde hair.

She and I bought a bottle of George de Boeuf Beaujolais Village on the way home.  There was a boat dock near the camp site and we polished off that bottle while stowing away on one of those nice boats.  It was exquisite; my arm around a beautiful girl and looking up at the stars with a warm breeze in our face.  And yes her lips were sweet with the flavor of the wine and her body was soft and moved approvingly to my caresses. Unfortunately, the 3 M’s found us and wanted us to join the party so I had to push pause on this little fantasy for now.

The next afternoon I suggested a walk with Julia.  She was A OK with it and we ventured down that little road bearing to the east.  Julia was gorgeous.  Her wavy bleach blond hair was pulled back with a scrunchie and her blue eyes were striking against the canvass of a thin white cotton tank top and tight faded and torn blue jean shorts.

This time at the bridge I decided to venture forward.  We waded across the little creek (just about 20 yards) to the other side and continued our walk.  The road was very secluded and eventually ended at a thick cluster of brush and trees with the water’s edge of Sugarloaf Sound just visible.

Julia shouted out “awesome, we’re in there” and sprinted forward toward the water, I loved her enthusiasm.  I was close behind.  Julia ran straight up to her knees into the water.  I walked up to her side.

I said, “I wish I had brought my suit, this looks like a great place to swim.”

Julia then turned and walked back to the beach.   I did a double take when she started pulling off her tank top as she walked away from me, revealing her naked back.  Just past the water she bent over and pulled off her tight jean shorts dropping them next to the tank top beside her and revealing long sleek legs running up to her gorgeous round and tight ass.

She turned to me a stated with a sly smile “we’re skinny dipping!”

She confidently pranced right past me and out deeper into the water.  Just past me she turned slightly and said “if you don’t join me I’m leaving right now!”

I swallowed hard and then walked back to the beach and took off my clothes.  I was a little embarrassed because my cock was fully extended.  I walked briskly into the water hoping to get waist deep ASAP.  I looked up and Julia was looking at me like a lioness eyeing an Antelope.

She swam out ahead of me but I caught her.   She splashed at me in a feigned attempt to escape but I didn’t let her.  I had been a lifeguard and I was thinking some of those rescue moves might be very sexy now.

We were about 20 yards out now.  I could still stand but she could not.  She put her arms around my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist.  I could feel the outline of her body around my waist and against my cock.

She kissed me hard forcing her tongue into my mouth.  We kissed deeply.

But then I heard the rumbling sound of a plane overhead.  It was one of those ad planes that fly low down the beach advertising towels and boogie boards, etc.

Julia laughed; I got the idea that she would have no problem fucking me right there with the whole world to see.  But, she was a nice girl and I think she realized that I was a bit shy so she nodded when I said “maybe we should get into some cover.”

So I carried her back to shore with her body draped around mine, my dick almost rubbing itself into her by water’s edge.  I set her down and we both shuffled over to the trees.  She turned and we kissed for what seemed an eternity.  I started kissing my way down her body; across her breasts and then down to her pussy.  I worked my tongue over her clit and into her.  Her left leg was over my shoulder and supported by my forearm.  I moved my left hand up the back of her leg and settled onto her soft behind.  I heard her sigh.  I looked up briefly; she was leaning against the tree that hid us from view, back arched and hands rubbing her breasts.

This was wonderful but I was aching to be inside of her.  I stood up and kissed her some more.  I moved my cock between her legs; she was so wet I could easily be in her quickly.

I whispered to her “I wish we had a towel; it’s a bit sandy here.”

Julia looked up and right into my eyes and said “we don’t need a towel babe.”

She slowly rotated around and started grinding her ass into me.  I gasped as I looked down on her warm wet body in front of me. 

I lowered myself onto my knees.  Julia’s ass was right in front of me now as she swayed back and forth.

I slid my hands around her bottom and over to her pussy and then up to her breasts.  I pulled her down to me.  She was now on her knees in front of me her back to my chest.  She tilted her head back exposing her long and lovely neck as if to invite me to a feast.  I did and our tongues probed one another as I grabbed her breasts tight.   I gave her a slight bite on the shoulder and neck and she squealed gently. I then leaned back slightly moving my hands to her shoulders.   I slowly guided her shoulders forward until she was on all fours in front of me.  My hands slipped from her shoulders, down her spine, and to her hips.  As I caressed her hips I pushed my cock into her.

She gasped out “yessss, owwww yesssss yessssss.”

The sensation was intoxicating.  Feeling my cock inside her was wonderful but what sent me over the edge was the feeling of her soft body pressing rhythmically against my pelvis and the inside of those lithe legs against my thighs.

I would love to say this lasted for a long time.  But soon I felt the pulsation followed by the wetness of Julia’s organism.  Her sighs and the site of her ass jiggling at my thrust quickly brought out an orgasm so hard that the tingling in all my extremities hurt.  It was like that big plunge down the hill on a roller coaster.

We both gasped and fell forward in a heap of wet post sex flesh.

--Ryan Beaumont

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Mmmmm.....I'm suddenly craving a day at the beach. Very nice, Ryan. Love it!