Sunday, September 11, 2011

DauntlessD Exposed

I just looked back at my very first post, Nice Guys are *NOT* Attractive, and discovered it was posted back in January. It's funny thinking about that first post. It took Kat quite a bit of urging to get me write something, anything. During this span of time I avoided exposing my personal life.

This was for two reasons. First, I have an unusually strong bent in regard to privacy. Even with the anonymity of the blog I felt uncomfortable. This post is about getting past that. Second, I just didn't feel you would enjoy reading about my rather mundane life. Yes my marriage is crumbling so I have the same type of strife as Kat and many others, but outside of participating as co-author on this blog I have not been engaged in any activity that could be considered saucy or controversial; trust me, you would have yawned.

Maybe I'll learn I'm wrong, but Kat has an amazing ability I don't think I have. Even while writing about the rather ordinary struggles with her husband and life, she is able to pull out and highlight some insights and thoughts that make for a fun read. I think my writing on my real world struggles would have simply sounded like whining.

So what's up Daunt, why do you suddenly want to share now?

Here comes the exposure part. My life has suddenly gone from a sickly simmer, to an outright cantankerous boil of change. My marriage is ending and I am moving my wife to the east coast. So with that I have a hunch I'm going to have quite a lot to write about in the near future as I embrace this and face new struggles. AND I have something a bit saucy to share! (Bet you didn't see that coming did you?)

Time to bring up you to speed. I'll try and be brief.

Roughly last October I hit a strange crossroads in my life that rose up in me suddenly and compelled me to make a change. Initially I thought it was a mid-life thing. The thought of an affair at the time appealed to me so I set out to make one happen. I signed into Ashley Madison and went to work. I met a number of women, but for some odd reason something in me just didn't want to pull the trigger so to speak; PWK readers paying attention may have noticed me alluding to this in our 200th post. However, one beautiful thing did come out of this time, I met Kat; read Prowling Friendships, for a bit more insight.

After meeting Kat, something strange happened. As my friendship with her grew, that weird feeling I was having that drove me to Ashley Madison shrunk. Now in retrospect I can finally put a word to that feeling: loneliness. I had never really felt it like that before so I didn't know what it was. However my marriage was gasping and I had roughly a year prior helped my closest friend move out of state. So it makes sense. I was just... lonely.

Oh Daaaauuunnt. DauntlessD, you said you had something saucy for us where is it?

Ah, yes. Well in that phase of meeting women through Ashley Madison, there was one other than Kat that perked my interest. Madison. With this woman I felt that... chemistry... It's the feeling that comes out in Kat's naughty posts. You can almost envision a lioness patiently stalking, then with zest, power and strength the prey is brought down in the blink of an eye. That vibe that causes Kat to POUNCE. That heart pounding sexual energy that causes DauntlessD to... be insufferably nice -- for 7 whole freakin' months!

And with that intro, meet Madison.

To be continued...

(and yes, the saucy part is coming...)


JerZey Girl said...

Aw, sorry about your marriage D!I wish you luck and saucy, spicey encounters from this point forward.

Liam said...

Dauntless - I'm sorry to hear about your marriage ending. That can't be easy.

Liam said...

Oh, and I know exactly what you mean about chemistry.

Riff Dog said...

Wow. I'm sorry about the marriage situation too. Hopefully all will be for the better.

Now, with that out of the way, bring on Madison! ;-)

Myli said...

I'm sorry too. :( I can't wait to hear about Madison though...and all the saucy parts!

DauntlessD said...

Thanks for your support all. And Riff, I hope you don't mind that I stole that leave 'em hangin' move right out of your play book ;-)

Kat said...

I just know people here are going to love the real Daunt as they get to know you more and more. You're the real deal, my friend.