Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Serial - Surprises

This is the continuation of introducing two characters. The first part can be found here Morning Heartache. Saturday Serial continues.

Sighing heavily, fully expecting "some weird guy in California" to be ignored, Danny replies to her tweet. Shocked he receives a response and a conversation ensues. It's late, he had had a few drinks. Twitter is misbehaving. He decides to send the young woman a direct message asking her to text him via phone and goes to bed.

Danny gets up the next morning and is struck with what he'd done the night before. Oh god, what is she thinking? The weird guy gave her his phone number! She's sure to be creeped out!

The young lady surprises again! He receives a text. At first conversation is strained. She seems intent on what Danny deems irrelevant to the current state of their relationship. I want to get to know the girl not the kink, it'll just be a distraction. How do I get this across to her? he wonders.

She persists and Danny allows a little frustration to show even though he fears she may scamper away. She bravely remains and Danny smiles as real conversation begins. The evening ends.

"Thank you Becka for letting your guard down a bit. I'm going to bed, I look forward to getting to know you more. Good night.", said Danny.

"Goodnight. Sir. Sleep tight and have sweet dreams", she replies.

Danny smiles broadly. On her own without any established formality she chose to respectfully call him Sir and he finds it endearing.

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