Friday, September 2, 2011

Commanding Foreplay - Fantasy

The waiter leads you to a quiet table. "Here you are miss. Can I get you something to drink?", he asks.

"Just water for right now. Thank-you." You seat yourself and push the draping tablecloth off your lap.

"Shall I bring water for the gentleman you're expecting?"

"Yes please." The waiter strides away. You smile as you remember the recent telephone conversation.

"Hey gorgeous, you up for a little fun?"

"Fun? What kind of fun?"

"A quiet dinner and oh... just something I've been bouncing around in my head. It's pretty simple really, but I don't want to give it away. All you have to do is show up and do as I ask."

"That's it?"

"Yup, that's it."

You shake your head and wonder what he's up to this time. As you cross your legs and adjust your skirt you see the toe of a shoe arrive near the table. Gazing upward you find his warm easy smile looking down at you.

"Every time I see you", he says, "I'm reminded why I call you gorgeous, it's... simply what you are." You feel your cheeks redden as he places a warm hand on your bare knee and leans down for a quick hello kiss. A delightful shiver runs through you. He takes the seat across from you.

Studying his face you find yourself amused by his expression, he appears thoughtful and quite pleased with himself. Giving him a sideways look you ask, "Okay, what's on your mind?"

His smile broadens. "Well, I'm just wondering if this is going to work."

"That what is going to work?"

His face becomes serious. With the crack of command, his voice is stern, eyes flat he says, "Your panties. Give them to me. Now."

You jump with an adrenalin jolt of fear. Off balance your jaw falls open. He's not serious. He can't be serious. In stunned silence you work to sort through the spaghetti of thoughts and sensations that race through you. The shock fades, but your mind is still struggling to process. Why? You're surprised at the answer. Arousal. You're flushed and your pussy is hot.

Still looking at his face you see his eyebrows rise. Oh god, I told him I would do as he asked and it is becoming clear he is quite serious. Now, he said. Now. Heart pounding you scan area around you. You kick off your shoes, then face reddening, unable to meet his gaze, hike up your skirt and shimmy out of your panties as quickly as possible. His open hand slides across the table. In a tight ball you push the panties into his hand.

"Thank-you gorgeous", he says drawing your gaze back to him. His warm easy smile has returned and suddenly you find your face tight with your own wide grin. A sense of accomplishment and exhilaration washes through you. You watch as he tucks your panties into his breast pocket. They look like a handkerchief... sort of... Your fingers jump to your lips to suppress a giggle.

The waiter returns. Your face flushes anew and your eyes flash back to the panties.

"Can I get you some drinks?", asks the waiter.

A fog is settling over your mind. The sultry heat of your ever wettening cunt. The cool texture of the seat on your bare bottom. As if from a distance you hear, "Can we go for a quick walk out back before we order?"

"The restaurant is not too busy this evening so that shouldn't be a problem", the waiter replies.


Through glazed eyes you look up. He's standing next to you hand extended. You take his hand and allow him to help you up. A new sensation is pushed upon you. Cool air graces over your pussy in a rush. You close your eyes and lean on his hand for support; even the ruffle of your pubic hair was felt.

Holding your hand he leads you out to the back patio of the restaurant and arrive at a railing overlooking the river.

Closing your eyes you enjoy the light breeze on you face, the evening air is warm and the lights are beginning to twinkle in the fading light. His arms are on either side of you gripping the railing, you can feel him close behind you. His arms encircle you and your struck with how comfortable you feel. Safe.

His hands begin to explore your body. Your heart begins to beat faster. Quietly, the noise of restaurant activity is behind; the tinkling of glasses and silverware, voices that can be heard but not understood. His hand begins to slide down your belly, over your skirt, and up your thigh. Anxiety blooms when you realize where it's going.

You hear your own voice in an urgent, meek whisper. "No. No, someone could see." You try to push back from the railing only to feel his strength and arousal against you.

"Oh no you don't. I've missed you and I'll have my way." His voice is husky and hot at your ear.

You find your body responding and the little resolve you had quickly melts beneath its heat. You stifle a moan before it escapes your throat. It's lights on, you notice a boat gliding down the river and see several faces looking your direction.

Trembling, your knees gently shake. The tension builds and grows tighter like a coiled spring. You feel yourself stiffen and hear your own short ragged pants. Then your sagging into his strong arms. You feel his kiss on your neck.

"Mmmm... Yes it seems you are up for some fun", he rumbles.

It's going to be an interesting night.


Kat said...

Whew....Is it getting warm in here or is it only me? Daunt, Daunt, Daunt, wow! As I sit here in my own "ever wettening" panties, I"m wondering what comes next.

lostandhealing said...

Yes! My hitachi and I would like to know what is coming next too!!! more please!

Heaven said...

steamy story.... please continue...

France said...

Mmmm I hope there is more to come!