Friday, September 30, 2011

Where Are They Now?

I thought it might be fun to review some of the men who have provided me with endless hours of pleasure and performed well enough to make the blog, and tell you where they are now.

To be fair, the lack of a man's story here doesn't mean he didn't perform well. Not at all. Maybe I just haven't gotten around to writing about him yet (as is the case with S, so stay tuned), or maybe he specifically requested not to be mentioned in the blog.

Remember, you can read about all (well, most) of these guys on the Sex, Sex, Only Sex page.

Anyway, let's talk about those who you have heard about...Where are they now?

W - My first affair. I haven't heard from him since the day he got remarried (after his wife passed away). That was about 10 years ago.

Chicago Guy - If you read the post about him, you'd know that he was in town on business and he flew away never to be seen or heard from again. And that was the plan all along.

J - Mmmmm.  J has a special place in my heart. I haven't seen him or communicated with him for a few months, but there's always a chance that he could pop up again in my storyline. He is an amazing lover and definitely not a man to walk away from.

P - P disappeared when we were in the heat of our "relationship."  I don't know why or what happened, but it was very, very strange.  I hope he's ok. I suspect P won't be seen here again.

B - A young one from about 8 years ago.  He was a one-time thing down in LA when I was there on business.  I haven't heard from him because I intentionally didn't give him my phone number or email.

Geez.... This is getting depressing.  It's starting to look like most of them are completely out of my life. Hmmm..... but that's not really the case.

C - C is still around, but just too darned busy for me. Normally, I would translate that as "not interested in me" (hard to believe, I know), but not C. I still hear from him via text or Messenger every now and then and it's nice to catch up.

M - M's wife caught him and wouldn't let him come play anymore. Being fully whipped, he chose to comply with her demands.

Joe/Adam -  Haven't heard from him in a few years. Every now and then I think I see his truck around town, but I can't be sure.

L - My favorite fireman. L is also a busy guy (this is fire season, ya know) but I get a text from him every week or so. We keep talking about getting together again, but it just hasn't worked out.....yet. ;-)

JJ - JJ is still around and doing great.  He moved about two months ago so now he lives about an hour and half away from me (ouch!) and he has been crazy busy with work, but he's still in touch. The last time he communicated he promised to find a way to make some time for me within the next week or two, so you may see another JJ story.  We'll see.

D - Single Guy - Also still lurking around.  "We'll get together soon.....blah blah blah." It's not that I don't believe him but.....well, yes, that's it.  I guess I don't believe him.  Let's just say that I'm not holding my breath.

Webcam Guy - I haven't written a naughty story about webcam guy because he specifically asked me not to, but let me just say this - if I were to write about him, it would be so hot that your computer monitors would be singed when you read it. He's still in my life, I love him, and he's a dear friend.  I hope that never changes.

DauntlessD - What?  You're surprised to see DauntlessD on this list? Why?  Before we were such good friends, we were AM "friends." I have not written about an early encounter with Daunt because he's not just one of "Kat's Playmates." He's special, but you all knew that already, didn't you?

So, that's the update on the current status of the men you've read about here. I'll be sharing about S in the near future, and who knows?  Maybe you'll get to read more about J or JJ or L. We'll just have to see what the future holds.


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H said...

I want to get "H" on that list :)

PS I love you HNT photos, so damn sexy, yum.


Naughty Kitty said...

LOL thanks for the catch up. My list is growing by leaps and bounds. Not necessarily something to be proud of but for whatever reason I believe I learn and grow with each encounter.

Not sure if you all got the message but I had to change my blog. The new address is

Anyway, I missed your posts. Glad to see you back.

Ryan Beaumont said...

Sounds like a title to a movie on the Lifetime or Oxygen channel!

Anonymous said...

Won't your marriage therapist (and husband) be pleased that so many "candidates" still have an inside track to fucking. Time well spent in session?

Kat said...

H- (smiling sweetly) It's an exclusive list, you know. Only the most Kat-worthy get on it. Do you qualify?

Naughty Kitty - Yes, I saw your new blog. Nice!

Ryan - That's funny. I was hoping to at least be as classy as an A&E documentary. lol

Anonymous - My therapy is going quite well. Thanks for caring. And if you read carefully, you would ahve seen that most on that list are not currently in my life, and some of those who are are no longer "active" with me.

Myli said...

Love the idea of an update. Thank you for that! It's too bad JJ lives so far away. I really loved your posts about him. So hot!