Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rated R

Hubby and I went to the movies last week. We don't get to go as often as we would like because child care is always an issue, and it makes going to a movie a very expensive proposition. We decided to go crazy, though, and we did it anyway.

We had the theater all to ourselves except for one woman who was sitting in the back corner by the exit door all by herself.  I kept looking around as the previews started, but no one joined us. When the movie started and the theater darkened, I reached over and started stroking hubby through his jeans. At first, there was no response.  Yeah, I'm used to that.  But then....a twitch!  Then another.  And another.

When he felt pretty hard, I started unbuttoning his jeans for better access. That's when he leaned over and whispered, "What are you doing?"

"You know what I'm doing," I whispered back.

"Oh," he replied before turning to take a look at the woman way in the back corner.  I looked, too. She was focused on the screen.

His hard cock practically sprang out as I maneuvered it through his boxers.  For a few more minutes I just stroked him while I watched the movie. I could hear his breathing becoming heavier.

"You're distracting me from the movie," he said.

"I know."

"Oh."  Hubby has many strengths, but he's not the world's best conversationalist, is he?

But he does have a very nice, big cock.

A few minutes later, I whispered to him "I'm going to suck on it now," and I started to lean forward to slide down to my knees.


"Shhhhhhh," I told him. "You're going to get that lady's attention if you're not quiet."

As I knelt on that icky, sticky floor (eeewwwww...the things I do for my marriage.....), he quickly checked on the lady.  I assumed she was still watching the movie because he didn't stop me.

I started like I usually do, licking from the base to the tip, and flicking my tongue on the head before licking again.

Wait.....I have to tell you something. This entire situation is all DauntlessD's fault.  He told me a while ago that I should really focus on my marriage and make an effort, rather than just waiting for it get better. OK.  I interpreted that to mean that, in certain situations, I should ask myself, "What would I do if I were with JJ (or J, or P, get the picture) right now?"  And then I should do that, or at least attempt to do that, with hubby. Well, if I were in a near-empty theater with JJ, I would absolutely be in a hurry to get his gorgeous cock in my mouth, so.......

Anyway, after a few licks, I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking slowly.  Deep and slow. I decided it was going to have to be slow because going too fast would a) make noise and b) create some motion that the lady in the back might notice.

Just as I was getting into my groove and thoroughly enjoying the taste of a little precum, he leaned forward and whispered,' "Stop.  We can't do this."

Seriously?  WTF?!

I kept going.

He grabbed my arm with one hand and put his other hand under my chin and, literally, lifted me up of his cock.

I slid back into my seat.  "What is the matter???" I asked.

"Nothing," he said as he pushed his cock back into his pants and buttoned up his jeans. "I just don't want to get caught."

"You've got to be kidding. You were 30 seconds away from cuming and then it would have been over."

"We can do that at home later, " he said sternly.

"Fine," I pouted, crossing my arms and turning to watch the movie.

The movie was actually pretty good and it made me forget, at elast for a little while, that my husband had just rejected me  - again.

When we got home, hubby made a comment about cashing in his rain check when we went to bed.

"What rain check?" I asked. "That wasn't a rain check situation.  That was a 'you rejecting me after I already had your cock in my mouth' situation.  What makes you think I'm interested in putting your cock in my mouth again tonight?"

OK, I was angry.  I can admit that.

The next night after we went to bed, hubby pulled out his iphone and opened the Fandango app.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

He smiled and replied, "I'm looking for a really unpopular and poorly attended movie that we can go to tomorrow night."

We both had a good laugh at that.

Then I whispered in his ear, "Who needs a movie?" and I kissed my way down his chest and finished the blow job that I had started in the theater the day before.


So, Prowlers, would you go down on your honey (spouse or "other" honey) in a movie theater?

If you have ever, uh....."done it" in a theater, tell us about it!


Ryan Beaumont said...

Let's just hope that floor was not sticky from other prowlers like you!

Ryan Beaumont said...

Kat, you have to do something about these ads!!! I get all excited about your post and then I see a Goldline ad and it makes me think of Glenn Beck and then well, you know Glenn Beck's face could deflate anything :(

Holly S said...

Well the one time I went to the movies with Adam I was definitely hoping for some action, but there were too many people. However right before the movie we had managed to have sex in the men's room, so that made up for it!

Myli said...

I find that giving a bj is a lot easier to pull off at the movie theater than to have sex. I find that sitting in the last row or in a row higher than everyone else is a sure way to have some privacy. I'm surprised your husband stopped you when you had his cock already in your mouth. He must have really been afraid of getting caught!

Paul said...

I've done it in a theatre, on the receiving of oral and fucked in the back row. Newer theatres are easier because the chairs don't squeak so much.

Advizor54 said...

Your hubby missed his first, best opportunity, but his willingness to book a ticket for the next one should give you hope....

Clem said...

I reached behind her, slid my hand into the back of her pants, and fingered her to orgasm, with her hand in her mouth

Nicholas said...

I would give anything if my wife would do this on occasion. Your husband is a lucky man. I cannot fathom why he would stop you. The feeling of rejection ressonates with me, and I understand it too well.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

With a lover? Never.

With the husband? Maybe.

The difference is between getting caught being a devastating event and a funny story you tell at cocktail parties in a slightly-risque crowd after everyone's had a few.