Thursday, September 15, 2011

HNT - Someone is Giving Cara a Hand


Nicholas said...

What a wonderful way to start off a Thursday morning. Beautiful as always, Cara. Thank you for sharing. I think we were spoiled last week by getting an extra picture! ;)

Ryan Beaumont said...

The PI in me says me thinks I have seen that hand before (and that ring)! Is it a famous hand blogger or did I see that a few weeks ago in the touching PWK family hand photo?

Oh wait, was the hand not the HNT today? I'm sorry - I'm so dense sometimes :)

DauntlessD said...

Hahaha sheesh Ryan... we have this gorgeous expanse of female flesh before us and all you can do is talk about a hand :)

H said...

Nothing like a helping hand (hot pic, hot bod)

Bob said...

If Ryan is anything like me... he has way more sex with a hand than anything as sexy as Cara.

Ryan Beaumont said...

Well 2 things here:

1) If you've read my blog you know I spend a lot of mental energy on being stupid!

2) I was really trying to get Kat to call me out and say "talk to the hand!"

3) Yes Cara, you are smokin' hot, beautiful, gorgeous, elegant, and simply have that je ne sais quoi that fills me with Elan as I look forward to every Thursday!

See I said 2 things and listed 3 that tells you right there you shouldn't listen to me; except for Cara - what I said was spot on!

GoodWill said... incredibly sexy Cara, as always :)