Saturday, September 10, 2011

8 Things that Surprised Me This Week

This week has been full of surprises for me.  It has also been an emotional roller coaster. I hate the roller coaster, but I love the surprises.  Here are a few (in no particular order):
  1. I was up and out of the house before dawn every day this past week, which means I got to see the sunrise every day.  That was both a surprise and a treat.
  2. Riff posted again.  That's twice in the last two months! Woohoo! In all seriousness, it's nice to have something new from him to read on Ashley and Me.
  3. Cara referred to children as "fuck trophies" in a comment on Left Turn at Albuquerque. I know, I'm still shocked.
  4. I actually stood up to one of my most difficult clients and didn't lose the contract. That was, indeed, a surprise.
  5. My therapist suggested a separation from my husband. Wow. That was unexpected.
  6. I cried over something I thought I was over a long time ago. I'm not a crier.  I hate it when that happens.
  7. Single guy contacted me....not once, but twice! If you read Play Time on the Road with Single Guy, you know that is not his typical practice, but I liked it. :-)
  8. JJ gave me permission to post a photo of his manhood (See, Daunt?  I don't always have to say cock.).  Well, it's not just a photo of his manhood.  My hand is in the photo, too, stroking him. So now when you read one of those posts where I wrote about his gorgeous, thick'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You'll see the photo soon.
I can't wait to see what surprises the new week brings!


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Cara Janes said...

Just so you know, I meant "fuck trophies" in the best possible way. You know, like a term of endearment.;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe your therapist agrees with Anonymous here?

Maybe we're not so much "Kat haters" as we are anti-snychopants?

Kat said...

Cara - HAHAHA. Term of endearment? That's cute. Somehow, I can't imagine saying to my youngest, "Come here, my sweet little fuck trophy.." LOL

Anonymous - My therapist doesn't know me well enough yet. There will be no separation. That's a mighty big word, Anon. We usually don't see words much bigger than "orgasm" here. heheh. If you are anti-sycophant, you would be a hater of Kat readers, not a Kat-hater because I am in no way sycophantic. So..... what have you got against our readers? They're GREAT! Apparently, you are one of them, too. ;-)

Does that make you a sycophant?