Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary Kat Stories

Happy Halloween! I was about to let this holiday pass with no post because Dauntless did such a nice job with Madison's Return, but Cara sent me a message asking about a Halloween post. I got to thinking... I could write about different costumes I've worn or role paying, but the more I thought, the more it occurred to me that I've had more than enough scary stories to share.

Scary stories.  I'm talking about prowling experiences gone bad. If you have been out there for more than 5 minutes, you probably have a scary story or two (or three or four) of your own.

Selfish BJ Guy - This guy and I had met a few times. Not much happened. We chatted, kissed a little.  Then I made what turned out to be a huge mistake - I gave him a blow job. Normally, I wouldn't think of that as a mistake, but this time it created a monster.  This guy wasn't interested in much else, which made him very un-interesting to me. I thought I had extricated myself from the situation politely, but then a couple of months later he just shows my office.....during business hours....expecting a BJ. I can't even begin to describe that moment of panic when someone from my prowling world shows up in my real life unannounced and threatening to expose me if I don't comply with what he wants. After I collected myself, I walked him outside and reminded him that I knew where he worked, and his full name, and his wife's name, and that I could do just as much damage to him as he could do to me. He suddenly decided that he should go.  Smart move.

Parking Lot Guy - This guy and I had met just a few times prior to this scary event.  He seemed like a nice guy.  I had no reason to be afraid of him. Then one day I met him for lunch to tell him that I couldn't see him anymore.  What I didn't tell him was that I had just met JJ and, well, you all know how I feel about JJ. Anyway, I thought the lunch and the conversation went well. We walked out to the parking lot to where my car was parked right next to his van. I turned to give him a goodbye hug, but he had something different in mind. He started kissing me, rubbing against me, holding me next to him. For a moment I thought it was just an overzealous goodbye kiss, but I soon realized that it was more than that. I struggled to push him away, but he wasn't having any of that, and he started groping me and ranting and raving about what a whore I was and how I had promised him a long term sexual relationship, blah, blah, blah.

I finally pushed him away enough to slip out from between him and my car, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.  As I turned to face him and tell him to let me go, he hit me.  Yup, that's right.  He hit me. Closed fist, right on the jaw as he yelled, "Bitch!" He got in his van and drove away, and I collected myself, got off the ground, got in car, and drove away. So much for the conversation going well.

Panicked about STDs Guy - I met this guy online, as I met most of my prowling buddies.  We chatted and emailed online and shared phone calls for what seemed like a long time before we actually met in person. This was before my experience with Parking Lot Guy, but I really didn't want a one time hook-up.  I was looking for a friend, a long term fuck buddy kind of relationship, and this guy seemed like he could be it. Seriously, everything seemed right.  We arranged to meet for coffee.  That went well. He asked about my past relationships.  I told the truth. We decided to meet for some more intimate fun.  We met and we both had a great time. I mean it.  It was very, very good.

As we were walking to the parking lot after, we were making arrangements for our next meeting. Then I kissed him goodbye and I got into my car.  I rolled down the window because he indicated he wanted to say something else, and he asked me a question about STDs.  I replied that I was just tested a few weeks ago and I was clean, and I hadn't been with anyone since then. He got a strange look on his face and then he got in his car and drove away. Within an hour, I got an email from him calling me a liar because, in his opinion, the fact that I was tested meant that I was afraid I might have been exposed, and he felt I lied to him about that and he could never have a relationship with a liar. Huh? He instructed me not to attempt to reach him again.

Disappearing Guy - This isn't one guy, but a whole bunch of guys.  They are the ones who start email correspondence and then just drop out of sight. They are the ones who seem interested, set up a time to meet, and then don't comunicate at all after that. They are the ones who hook up and disappear.

Falling in Love Guy - Nothing screws up a nice fuck buddy relationship faster than falling in love.  That sounds terribly jaded, doesn't it?  Well, I have nothing against love or falling in love.  In fact, I'm all for it, but only if the "don't even ask me to leave my spouse" arrangement remains in place. You all know I love my current honey very much. It works because there's no pressure to leave my husband, who I also love very much. Every now and then over the years I have run into Falling in Love Guys.  Things start out great and then before I know it, they are asking me to leave my family. WTF????

Stalker Guy - Most women in the prowling world have met at least one Stalker Guy. This is the guy who won't take no for an answer.  He calls, texts, and emails obsessively.  He shows up unannounced. He tells you that he is certain that you belong together.  Sometimes it just stays at that level, but sometimes he gets angry and starts threatening to hurt you or tell your husband if you don't sleep with him. Sometimes you see him parked outside your office or your home just watching you. My Stalker Guy was named Joe, and yes, I called the police.

I have a few more scary stories, but I think this is enough for one Halloween. 

So, what are your scary prowling stories?


Ryan Beaumont said...

Ahhh... this is the Fung to Riff's Shui from yesterday. But his was a re-post and your's is original so you beat him!

Anonymous said...

I was with a guy recently. He was great...I thought. I wrote a bunch of blogs about him. Then he asked me to send him pictures of my daughter. She is 10. This scared me enough to get out of "the life" at least for now.

DauntlessD said...

I never cease to be amazed at some of the stories I hear from women. Where do these ass-bites come from!?

6-7 months ago I met a woman via Ashley Madison and crazy enough she turned out to live right in my neighborhood, just down the street; but we didn't know each other. The vibe wasn't there, but we'd still text each other on occasion. Then I didn't hear from her for a while. Recently she texted me again. She told me about a guy she met on AM who turned out to be a real winner.

As soon as I replied the poor gal just started unloading. Due to the nature of the event there just weren't many people she could talk to. This nut she met began stalking her and sent a letter to her husbands work making her sound like a whore and nearly ruined her family.

You really can't be careful enough.

Kat said...

Ryan - I'm not competing with Riff. No way! LOL

Anonymous - That is seriously creepy! Eeewwwww.

Daunt - You're 100% right about being careful. Keep saying it and maybe I'll remember.