Thursday, July 7, 2011

Raunchy Hotel Sex

I arrived at the hotel first and found a shady spot in the parking lot to park while I waited for him to arrive. He picked this hotel, so I knew he must know where it is. I checked my email until he arrived. When he drove in about 10 minutes later, he parked right next to me, giving me a chance to check him out before he got out of his car - ball cap, salt and pepper hair, decidedly distinctive looking - handsome in a unobtrusive kind of way. He's the kind of man you wouldn't think of as particularly handsome if you saw him in a crowd.  Oh, you'd definitely think he was good looking, but when you looked closer you'd see it and wonder how you missed it before.

We both got out of our cars and greeted each other.  Yes, he was worth the wait.  Khaki pants, deep blue shirt (royal blue?), an engaging smile. I reached out to give him a hug; he kissed me as I reached my arms around him.  It wasn't a sweet little "nice to meet you" peck of a kiss.  It was an open mouth, tongue probing "let's get through the formalities and get busy" kind of a kiss. After a little while, he pulled away from our kiss, whispered, "Let's go inside," and took my hand leading me to the front door of the hotel. It was only then that I noticed how exposed and out in the open we had been with that passionate kiss. I made a mental note to myself - "Kat, it doesn't matter how much you want him.  Be careful!"

We walked into the hotel and he stepped up to the counter to check us in, giving me another opportunity to enjoy looking at him trying to act like it was the most normal thing in the world for two people to be checking into a hotel on a Thursday afternoon without a reservation and without any luggage. I thought to myself, "Yes, I think I'm definitely in for something raunchy this afternoon." He looked over at me.  I just smiled.

We got up to the room and within minutes our clothes were off and we were in bed. Like most women, I spent some time thinking about which undergarments to wear for this meeting.  I chose the sunflower bra I was wearing in this HNT photo and some matching panties,  but it didn't matter. I don't think he even saw them before they came off.

The second we hit the bed, his arms were wrapped around me and he was pulling me closer, kissing me deeply again. Ahh....that kiss outside had just been a warm-up. We kissed for what seemed like a long time, and I was getting hotter and more ready with each passing minute. I suspected he knew this because every now and then a hand would wander to my breast, pinch my nipple a bit, and then withdraw as soon as I starting moaning.  Then a hand would slide between my legs, brush against my already throbbing clit, and then pull back again.

I reached down and found his cock, nice and thick, very hard, dipping with precum.  I smiled.  Good. I'm not the only one who's anxious for this. As I stroked his cock, his hand found my clit again, but he didn't pull back this time. His fingers circled it for a while until I started rocking my hips, pressing against his hand. Then he started flicking it with the tip of his finger exactly like I like it, and it wasn't long before I was cuming hard, screaming into his mouth as he kissed me.  Yes, it was the same long, deep, passionate kiss.

After I came, his fingers kept moving on my clit and I tried to wiggle away because the sensation was just too intense, but he held me firmly in place (Mmmm.... I thought.  Strong. ) and whispered, "No, you're going to cum again."  I tried to protest, but he thrust his tongue into my mouth so I couldn't speak as his fingers went to work. It's hard to describe the alternating feelings of painful intensity as he rubbed my swollen clit that was still sensitive from orgasm #1 and the overwhelming pleasure that was almost being forced on me. As orgasm #2 started to reverberate through me, I was begging him to fuck me and telling him how much I wanted him. So much for playing hard to get.  I never was good at that, anyway.

"Good," he said.  Then he stopped suddenly, leaving me breathing heavily and confused, until I saw that he was moving to his knees and motioning for me to get on my hands and knees in front of him. I had just gotten into position when he grabbed my hips and slammed his cock inside me. The first thrust was so forceful that it knocked me down onto my forearms.  I grabbed onto the sheets, but they didn't give me any support so I reached one arm up and pushed against the headboard to steady myself as he fucked me harder and faster. I started cuming again - or was that just the rest of orgasm #2?  Did it matter?  No, it didn't matter. I felt it rush through me as I pushed back against him. I tried to focus on it, to savor the moment..... He came shortly thereafter, moaning loudly as he drove his cock into me in one last thrust. He leaned over and kissed my back, then he rolled onto his back next to me, pulling me to kiss him again.

We kissed and made small talk for awhile. He was funny, easy to talk to.  There weren't any awkward silences that you might worry about in this situation. After about 10 minutes, I reached over to the night stand as he was talking and grabbed the lube that I had brought with me. I flipped the cap open and poured some on him and started spreading it around with my hand. He was hard again within a few strokes...I alternated between stroking his cock, rubbing his balls, and sliding my fingers down to asshole, teasing him there before moving back to his cock. When I first started stroking him, he was still talking, but he was silent by the time I squeezed his balls the first time, and he was moaning as I pressed my finger into his asshole.

He started pumping his hips as I stroked him, and I could feel him getting very close to cuming.  I watched his face.  His eyes were closed, and I could tell he was trying to decide if he was going to let me make him cum with this sweet little hand job or if he was going to ask for more. I wasn't going to make it easy on him.  He'd have to make a move or settle for the hand job.  I waited.

Suddenly he said, almost like it was an emergency, "I want to fuck your ass," and he started to sit up to move behind me again.  This time I climbed off the bed, walked around to the foot of the bed, spread my legs, and  bent over the bed leaning on my hands.  I looked up and smiled at him. He laughed and said, "yes!" as he leapt out of the bed and almost ran to get behind me. I giggled, too, thinking, "Yes, raunchy can be fun."

He positioned the head of his cock against me and I pushed back against him. At first, my body wasn't letting him in.  I took a deep breath, tried to relax, and pushed back against him again. I felt the shot of pain before I felt his cock slide into my ass.  I squealed and tightened my grip on the sheets, thinking, "Damn! That hurts every f-ing time!" Before the pain subsided he was fucking my ass quickly, with several fast shallow rabbit strokes followed by a few hard, very deep thrusts so forceful that they lifted me off my feet. I tried to re-establish my footing between them, but I couldn't. I had lost control.  He had it. I held tight onto the edges of the bed and the sheets while he fucked me, thoroughly enjoying the sounds and sensations of him using me for his pleasure.

When he finished, we crawled back onto the bed and just rested in silence for awhile. There was more small talk.  More kissing. We checked the clock.  There was still an hour left. More kissing. I sucked on his nipples.  He sucked on mine. We touched each other all over, exploring, feeling for sensitive spots that drew a reaction. When either of us found one, we played there for awhile before moving on.

Soon, his hand found my pussy again and he started sliding a finger inside me...then another...another.... As he finger fucked me I could tell he was feeling around, trying to find the spot. When he hit it my legs jerked back involuntarily and I gasped.  "Found it," he whispered.  I started to laugh, but not for long.  Within a few seconds I was bucking against his hand and starting to shake.

He quickly rolled on top of me, climbing between my legs, and slid his cock inside me - all the way in, one long, deep stroke. I arched my back and pulled my knees up so I could feel him deeper. This time it was slow and deep.  He let me set the tempo, allowing me to cum and stretch it out as long as I could.  I could see the intensity on his face as he tried hard not to cum as my cunt tightened around him.  He held back until he knew I was almost at the end and then he released into me. I grabbed his shoulders and wrapped my legs around him, squeezing, tightening, claiming every last bit of him.

He collapsed on the bed next to me again, breathing heavily. More resting.  More small talk. And yes, more of that fantastic kissing. We looked at the clock.  Only 30 minutes left. I wondered, is it possible? Could I get one more time out of him?

I asked him a question and he started talking (I have learned that is the best way to keep a man occupied.  Well, it's the second best way.). I kissed his chest as he spoke.  He kept talking.  I kissed his belly.  He kept talking.  Clearly he didn't think there was another round in store for us in the next 25 minutes. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking it slowly. He stopped talking - mid-sentence. I squeezed his balls gently and pressed his cock all the way into my throat. He started moaning, holding onto my hair, and rocking his hips, forcing himself deeper into my mouth and throat. Very nice, but that's not what I had in mind.

I reached for the lube again and dribbled some on his cock, sliding it around with my hand, remembering the spots that made him so powerless earlier, then pulling back - teasing him like he had been teasing me when we first started a couple of  hours earlier. When he was rock hard again (for the 4th time - impressive!), I rolled onto my side with my back to him, reached back and spread my cheeks, and pressed against him. His well-lubed cock slide easily into my ass this time, and this time he was the one moaning as I started moving against him. He grabbed onto my hip and started thrusting.

"That's it," I said. "Fuck my ass you know you want to."

He complied.

"More," I demanded.

"Come on, Baby.  You know you want to cum in my ass one more time, don't you?"

He screamed as he pushed into me deeply and came.

Afterwards, he kissed me again. The he looked at the clock.

"Shit! I have to go!" he said, and he jumped up and ran into the bathroom, turning on the shower.

While he took his shower, I just relaxed there in bed.  Yeah, I had to get back to work, too, but I didn't have the time pressure that he did, so I could afford to lounge around a bit.

After his quick shower, I watched him while he got dressed. We said our thank you's and goodbyes.  He picked up his keys and his phone and came over to the bed for one last long, deep kiss before leaving for work.

Just before he walked out the door, JJ said, "I love you, Kat."


Clem said...

OK, that was pretty raunchy.
hot too, like very hot.
gives me some ideas...

JoeCincy said...

Interesting... I've been following this for a while, and when I combine the last line of this post with the previous few postings, I can only come to one or two basic conclusions:

1) NSA isn't really possible. You're falling for this guy (and him for you), and the crumbling of your marriage is going to lead you into an exclusive relationship with JJ. Eventually, the strings always attach.

2) This has all been fiction all along (very good fiction, but fiction nonetheless).

3) None of the above. I really don't get it, and you'll somehow set me straight.

Cara Janes said...

Oh, poor, poor Joe Cincy doesn't know how to have his cake and eat it, too.

Dear Joe,

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've undoubtedly read about J, or P, and various other of Kat's special friends. You see, Kat is very skilled at balancing her life. She can take a lover, have amazing sex with him at somewhat regular intervals, and keep that separate from her "real life". JJ is not the first of her lovers for whom she has developed strong feelings. As much as you'd wish her marriage to unravel, it won't; she and her husband are both committed to keeping it together. She knows how to work hard and play hard and works to keep everyone in her life happy.


Anonymous said...

Definitely very raunchy, and very good. It has everything. You made the most of that time. Especially turned on how you played with each others nipples and played with his ass before he fucked yours. Now I've got an extended aching hard on to deal with ;)

Kat said...

Clem - Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. ;-)

JoeCincy - Thanks for your comment. I'll address your issues one at a time. First, NSA really *is* possible. If you read about J, C, P, and some of the others I have written about, you'll see that NSA is possible; however, every once in a while, someone very special comes along and a real connection is possible. I consider that a good thing, not a bad thing at all.

Fiction? Trust me. I really wish that some of it were fiction. LOL. No, it's my crazy life, that's for sure. Cara and Dauntless have front row seats and they could tell you that also.

As for not getting it, what don't you get? I'd be glad to explain anything, but I'm not sure what I need to explain. Help me?

Cara- You are the sweetest little princess I've ever known. Thank you! The people are lucky to have you!

Marcus - Oh, how I wish I could help you with that problem!

Ffs said...

JJ is drawing away from the others. Be fair and make time for J, he is one of your best lovers. There is one thing that he is alone about. He is the only one you gave a rim job to in your blog, though a few have had a finger in the ass. But none of your men have given YOU a rim job. You don't like it or your men need a pointer or two. I think it's probably the later.

I love reading your blog, your raunchy posts are my favorites, add spice to my sex life. More of them in the future :-)


Anonymous said...

I am new to the blog but am a woman who loves to be fisted. I can't get enough and love the stories that make me hot enough to do it. MORE please

Kat said...

Anon- Welcome and thank you for joining us! You'll certainly be reading more about fisting. Keep reading....

John said...

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