Saturday, January 8, 2011

13 Reasons Why J Was the Best Ever

There are several reasons why J was the best ever for me (so far). You'll notice that I don't mention the size of his cock (although it is quite lovely) or his good looks (even though he is quite handsome). The lesson for you male prowlers out there is that good sex is about so much more than that.

Here are the 13 reasons why J was the best ever:

  1. Confidence - J knows who is is and what he wants.  That is seriously sexy and very, very hot. 
  2. Amazing kisser - Don't underestimate this. If you have ever just been lost in a kiss you know exactly what I mean.
  3. Excellent listener - He really paid attention to the things I said when we chatted prior to our first meeting.  Then, in between meetings, he asked questions about what I liked and what I would want to change. Most importantly, when we were together, it was obvious that he was paying attention.
  4. Generous - I'm using the word generous here as the opposite of "selfish."  J clearly understands something that a lot of men miss - If the woman you are with is sexually satisfied, not only will you get what you want, but it will be much better for you than if she didn't.  A pleased woman is eager to please.  Simple, isn't it?
  5. Not Hung Up on Appearances - I'm not a totally unattractive Kat, but I'm not a Barbie cutie either. However, you would never know it by J's behavior.
  6. Enthusiastic - Nervous or not, J got into it.  That is very, very hot. Many of us prowlers have been with folks who put up with sex like it is a boring obligation (maybe you're married to someone like that?). Being with someone who actually likes it and is not afraid to show it is very refreshing.
  7. Fun - This goes along with enthusiasm.  J understands that sex is supposed to be fun.  It's not supposed to be a job or an obligation.  It's about pleasure.  That attitude comes through as energy, enthusiasm, and generosity.
  8. Energetic - You probably gathered from my brief abridged retelling of our story that J has amazing stamina.  Wow! Yes, it matters. If you only have 2-3 hours together, you want to make it count.
  9. Not Too Much Talk During the Act - Some talking (especially dirty talk and direction) can be fun, but too much is just distracting. J's quietness (almost shyness) can be unsettling, but it also lends some mystery to him.  No, I don't need or want to know everything he's thinking.  And for goodness sake, Ladies, don't keep asking what he's thinking.  Do you really need to know?  Just enjoy the moment.
  10. Knowledgeable - Good sex does involve some specific skills.  It can be fun to discover and develop them together. It's also fun when both people walk into the room already having them. J is fantastic at giving oral and stepping up for some less usual, too.
  11. Experimental - J is totally willing to try new things.  His default reaction to something new is, "Sure."  Not all men are like that. Just give something new a try.   If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again, but maybe you'll love it.
  12. Appreciative - Every time we met, J seemed genuinely appreciative (like I was) that we had a chance to be together.
  13. Focused - While he was with me, J was with me. He was 100% focused.  Now, as married people with families, we sometimes have to take a phone call from the spouse or kids, but that aside, when J and I were together, it was just us. That makes all the difference.

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Mediocrity said...

Completely agree on all these. I was with a guy once who always wanted me to suck his dick and he barely went down on me. He was all about him and what got him off. Very unappealing.

xJayx said...

I just joined this blogger thing today, to post on Kats blog. Kat, I hope I find you on AM, because you have a sexy mind. Every thing you post has great insight. I haven't disagreed with any thing yet.

And an added bonus...the picture of mediocrity is bigger on the post page, so I got a better look at her perfect chest!

A day of wins for me on the internet.

Kat said...

xJayx - Thanks for joining us! And I join you in your admiration of Mediocrity's gorgeous breasts. Yummy...

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Kat....always enjoy your blog....I have found a "J" "Jason" is wonderful...13 reasons wonderful!