Thursday, January 20, 2011

J's Version of His First Time with Kat

Hey, Prowlers! J, from my The Best Sex of My Life post, has agreed to share his version of that encounter. How often do you get to hear both sides of the same story?

Yes, this is an abridged version of the encounter (as my story was) because it is very difficult to get 4 hours of fun condensed into 1,000 words or less (or even 1,500 words for that matter), but I'm certain you'll enjoy J's perspective. I was thinking of adding some photos (yes, J and I have pics...hehe), but I decided that you should just read his version first.

So, here you go....J's Version of His First Time with Kat:


Kat asked me to write an account of our first encounter from my point of view. I am not as good as a writer as she is, but I'll try my best. Before reading her post I had no idea that my struggles with the phonetics of the English language would give me an exotic touch. Please be patient with my grammar.

Assuming you are a diligent reader of this blog, you know already how we met. So without much ado I can jump forward to the actual day.

Of course it was raining. It poured while I was driving down the highway to my destination. I was not in a hurry, but I was nervous. I drove slowly and had to concentrate, that kept me busy. Half way I made a stop at shopping mall. I needed to buy some condoms. I hadn't bought some for a while and I didn't want to buy them in my neighbourhood shopping center. Buying them was a strange experience. The cashier looked just as bored as everywhere and I tried to looked as inconspicuous as possible, but still I felt as if I was being caught red-handed.

Kat and I exchanged a lot of emails, sent naughty stories back and forth and chatted quite a bit, almost daily. That was a really intensive part. She knows some fantasies I never shared with anyone. We only had two short phone calls before we met. I was just charged with all kinds of fantasies and images. And now I wanted some real action!

When I came to the hotel I got already a message that she was there. Originally I had planned to eat something, in case I needed some more energy, but now there was no time for that.

I drove into the parking lot and she sent me the room number. I gathered my stuff. It still could be a prank. What kind of woman would just meet with a stranger in some hotel room? Well, I was a man willing to meet with a stranger, too.

I walked down to the hallway, and knocked on the door and my heart beat was just racing in excitement. She opened the door, and I sneaked in. Just a whispered 'hi' as a greeting. Of course I recognized her from the photos, but she was surprisingly short. What to do? Get some elaborated speech going, trying to make some conversation? She gently pulled me down and I had not to think about that, but just kiss her. So I just
went for it. We kissed long and I reached out for her pussy. I was prepared for some more teasing, but she let me just go for it and I was amazed how juicy she felt. She was very wet, I just slid my fingers  inside, hearing her moan made me horny and relaxed, too. I was at the right place.

I firmly put my hand around her butt, big and round. That's what I need! Somehow we ended up on the bed and I tried to undress her. She is not a small woman at all, and I knew that before. She had some hesitation to let her clothes go, as if the extra layer of cloth would hide the proportion. I was stubborn and wanted some naked skin.

Actually, I forgot the exact sequence of our activities. I guess that doesn't really matter, does it? My biggest fear was that I would be just too nervous and be unable to perform or just go of like a teenage boy. But Kat is a very experienced woman and she made me feel comfortable right away. We had some very intensive 4 hours or so, with hard action and rest.

It can be  difficult for a man to tell how often a woman comes. With Kat it is easy, because she can get somewhat loud. It was a delight to hear her screaming for lust and she went into this mode during our time together several times.

Kat took care of my dick so nicely.  She blew it very diligently, very nice and made me feel very good. She didn't mind me coming in her mouth. And as a good girl she did not make a mess at all and wasted no
drop on the sheets.

After the second time we lay on the bed on the side, her back against my front. I dozed off for a while. When I was arousing again I tentatively tested with my figures between her butt. I touched it gently and she immediately responded. I was prepared to retract and try something else, but she moaned and stretched her ass out. That really got me going. I poked a little deeper with my fingers and heard her moaning. She came up to her knees, face down and presented her big butt to me. Nervously I pulled a condom over and started going for her ass. She just let me in and moaned. It had been a long time since I was able to fuck some ass and I just indulged it. And she obviously did like it, too. Shoving it in deeper made her moan lustfully and riding her harder made her come loudly. I really enjoyed her sounds.

I was really exhausted after this session, I haven't felt this way for a long time. Extramarital sex feels much more - for lack of a better word - pornographic, more naughty and raw. That was the quality I was looking for. Great sex and a lot of fun! I surely met her again.

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