Thursday, January 27, 2011

Working from the Top Down - A Naughty Guest Post

This very sweet and romantic (but naughty!) fantasy story was sent by Steve, a married gentleman living somewhere on the west coast of the USA (yes,I know where and who he is, but he wishes to remain anonymous for now). When I first read this story, I thought, "Have we met?" and then "Why not?!" I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too.

By the way, Steve tells me that while was written as a fantasy story, addressed to the lucky woman in the story, the reality of their meeting was even better. Maybe we can convince him to share that story, too....


Not only had it been a long time since we last saw each other in person, it had been a very long week for you. Your summer was busy enough but the past week had you running and standing and working long hours every day. The one thing that kept you going was knowing that you had the house to yourself for the weekend and I was flying in to spend the weekend with you. You had checked the flight status online before leaving work and knew I had arrived. You called me on the drive home and found that I was already at the house anxiously awaiting your arrival. You arrive home on this beautiful summer evening to find me in the back yard relaxing and awaiting your arrival with a fine bottle of red wine.

I escort you to the most comfortable lounge chair and hand you a glass of wine as you sink into the curves of the chair and visibly relax. I gently slip off your shoes then settle in to the chair next to you with my own glass of wine as we both relax and start discussing all of the wonders of life that we haven’t had time to discuss until this very moment. Time, wine, and daylight pass into the glowing red sunset as we simply relax in the presence of each other. It is a nice warm evening and the nearly full moon is rising over the trees as darkness begins to fall upon our revelry.

Sensing a lull in the conversation and a desire to start something else I get up and stand behind you, gently running my fingers through your hair and caressing your temples, urging you to simply lie back and relax. I gently kiss your forehead and rub your neck and shoulders, encouraging the week’s stresses to dissipate into the warm night air. I gently nibble and lick your ear, whispering how much I love the time we get to spend together, hinting at some of the things I intend to do with you tonight. Your response is a sincere affirmation that tonight is going to be another special night. I lean down and passionately and deeply kiss you on the lips, allowing my hands to slowly slide down your chest and caress your breasts, their nipples firming rapidly under my loving touch

As our kiss lingers I move around in front of your chair and kneel on the ground in front of you and begin undressing you. The evening is drifting towards night but the moonlight is providing more than enough light for me to enjoy the beauty of your nakedness as I remove your blouse and bra. I lovingly fondle and caress your spectacular breasts, rolling your nipples firmly between my fingers to get them fully hard and aroused. I know that I am causing quite a stir for you from both the physical reaction of your nipples as well as your squirming and moaning in pleasure. Your requests for me to continue are sure to be answered. I lean forward, taking each nipple into my mouth and sucking hard while caressing the entire breast, pausing occasionally to lean back and simply admire the beauty before me. Soon I feel the need to expose and explore further into this body that I love to bring pleasure to.

With some help from you I gently slip your skirt and underwear off, leaving you totally exposed here in your backyard on this warm moonlit summer night. The sight and feel of your smooth naked skin combined with the passion generated from our actions has had a very noticeable effect on my body as well. You help me first out of my shirt and then out of my own shorts and underwear, leaving us both totally nude. Free of the encumbrances of my clothes, I continue my attentions further down your body, gently kissing from your breasts further down until I reach the fine soft fur between your legs. I gently slide you forward to allow you to fully spread your legs, allowing me full access to all of your feminine treasures that you want to share with me.

Kneeling in front of you I gently spread your lips and slowly insert my fingers into you. You are already very wet with anticipation and my fingers easily slip deep inside you. As I stroke them in and out, going deeper with each stroke, I begin licking and sucking on your clitoris to further stimulate you. I deeply massage inside you, finding your G spot and stimulating it firmly, getting you as aroused as you always do me. Having found your G spot I re-focus my oral stimulation on your clitoris and my one free hand on your breasts. My goal is obvious, I want you to have a very satisfying orgasm, hopefully the first of several this evening.

The physical and verbal reaction coming from you indicates that I am making progress towards that goal so I continue until you do have the orgasm that I want you to have.

Suddenly you get up and nearly push me over backwards, telling me that it is my turn. Remembering the past, you throw the pads from the lounge chairs on the ground and position me on my back right in the middle. You quickly straddle me and slide my throbbing cock deep inside you, the sensations from your earlier orgasm still tingling and further stimulating you as I slide deep inside you. You grab your breasts and start squeezing them, firmly grabbing and pulling on your nipples as you ride up and down on my cock. You are telling me how great it all feels and really start getting into it. You can tell I am getting close and tell me that everything is fine, I can cum inside you this time without any worries. I take the hint and start helping you pump my cock in and out feeling the heat of your body next to mine, your juices on my balls cooling them in the fresh air. I soak in the beauty of your body bouncing in the moonlight, sweat glistening on every inch of your voluptuous loveliness. Suddenly I can take no more and I explode deep inside you, moaning with pleasure as wave after wave of pleasurable contractions wrack my mind and body. I am vaguely aware of you having another orgasm yourself, triggered by my own reactions to you. Slowly we drift back to reality, gently touching and caressing the delicate and sensitive parts of each others bodies, not wanting the sexual energy to fade into nothingness quite yet. You curl up on top of me, my cock still inside you gently twitching as the erection slowly melts way.

This is as close as we ever have been and it feels wonderful.

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