Monday, October 31, 2011

Madison's Return Continued

For those that are new, you may want to read the first half of Madison’s Return before continuing. Enjoy.


After receiving her unexpected text message Madison and I caught up a little on the phone and arranged a time to meet. I hadn't seen her in person for quite some time and was very much looking forward to it. The week leading up to our date had progressed slowly with work and the general turmoil of my life. Finally, as if the time would never come, I’m packing up and heading to the restaurant.

Striding through the back entrance I find that Madison had just arrived too. She's rounding the bar eyes scanning looking for me. Our eyes meet with recognition and our faces glow with joy.

She's attractive as I remember, hips swaying as she strolls toward me on her high-heel shoes. I drink in the lovely summery dress and make a point not to let my eyes linger too long on her beckoning cleavage; I don’t want to miss out on those beautiful sky blue eyes.

After a quick hug and a cheeky hello kiss we sit at the bar. I had nearly forgotten how much I simply enjoy being with Madison. I am still surprised at how easy she is to talk to. The mildly awkward silences that seem to occur when building new relationships were filled with light touches, lingering stares and sweet kisses; I enjoyed every moment of it.

The evening comes to a close and finally I have Madison in my arms next to her car. Comfortable. Safe. I’m struck with the easy feeling that she simply belongs in my embrace. Friendly caresses and light good-bye kisses are soon overwhelmed by a longing that surprises us both.

Madison breaths me into deep long lingering kiss. My hands roam over her body to cup her face. Together our hearts quicken to match the burgeoning arousal; the gate was open and didn't want to close. I’m kissing her neck, tasting her skin. She throws a leg around me and writhes as my hand glides up her thigh. She twists around in my arms grabbing my hands, guiding them to her breasts. I pull her tightly to me and she moans wriggling her ass against my now swollen cock.

I turn and press Madison to her car, we’re both trying to convince each other to slow down. Her leg is still wrapped around me and the sexual energy is thick in the air. With effort and more soft lingering kisses the once runaway train is slowly brought to a stop. Panting, battling our inner desires, we slowly untangle our embrace.

Yes, it was good to have her back.


Kat said...'s getting a little warm in here. ;-) Very, very nice, Daunt. If the restaurant and parking lot scenes are this hot, I can only imagine what a true private encounter must be like between you two. I can't wait!

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