Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DauntlessD meets Madison

Even though I left you hanging like Riff Dog, I won’t leave you hanging as long! Well, not quite as long at least. As you will recall from the DauntlessD Exposed post, I dropped a couple of hints: saucy and Madison.

I met Madison through Ashley Madison and it was one of those rare occasions when I was approached first. For those guys out there still using Ashley Madison I’m going to drop one of my secrets, one I didn’t share in my earlier post about shining up your profile. Ready? Got your pencils out? Good.

At the very bottom of my profile I ask for a very specific type of Wink, Hey I’m sure I would like to meet you, but if you want to meet me I need you to send me an ‘I can’t wait to tell you about...’ Wink.

Everyone that has used Ashley Madison for a bit of time learns quickly that the Winks are worthless, but if I received an ‘I can’t wait to tell you about...’ Wink it told me a couple of things. That the woman actually read my profile and she was interested. Yes, this is how Madison fell into my evil clutches [cue evil wicked laughter].

I’ve mentioned a couple of times my old-school upbringing, you mix that with a guy that was shy growing up, throw in a dash of getting married young and you get: Me; I can be oblivious to picking up on a gals signals.

I’ve asked Madison to share the experience of our first meeting so I can bring you, our PWK readers, a kind of he said, she said story. Um, and please, try and laugh with me and not at me ;-)



Daunt: I had been enjoying my email and text exchanges with Madison and was looking forward to our first in-person meeting. Upon entering the restaurant I head for the bar and spot her. She was easy to pick out from the photos she had sent me. She was cute. Very cute. I found her more attractive in person than in the photos. I walk over and make my awkward introduction.


She smiles and looks up, “Oh, you must be Daunt.” As I take the seat next to her she leans in and gives me a light kiss on my cheek.

Madison: I had wondered how it would be to meet Daunt for the first time. Would I be as attracted to him as I was through our correspondence? When I first saw him I thought mmmmm he is not done justice in the pictures he sent. He had an incredible smile and something of a different look... I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly what was different, but I did know I liked it. I had a million things on my mind in a jumble and found it hard to organize my thoughts. I’m not sure why, but that's when I spontaneously leaned in to give him that peck on the cheek. Afterward I was surprised to realize how comfortable I actually felt.

Daunt: I was definitely feeling attraction and was surprised how relaxed Madison seemed. When she gave me that little kiss on the cheek it sent my nervousness into overdrive.

We begin some light chit-chat and she sees me scanning the bar. “Would you like something to drink?”, she asks. She had been sipping on some red wine and I was undecided on whether I wanted wine or beer. Then she settles it for me when she holds her glass out to me, “This wine is very good would you like to try it?”

Daunt: Honestly I was a bit surprised when she offered to let me drink from her glass, maybe I shouldn’t have been; but we’d only known each other in person for a few minutes. I was enjoying the conversation, smiles and blue eyes. To her it was probably no big deal, but I found the gesture endearing.

Madison: It was becoming clear to me how nervous Daunt was. I thought offering him some wine may help him relax -- I was actually growing concerned he may not be able to relax at all. Typically I'm attracted to strong and somewhat aggressive men. I made a decision to just be myself, I thought if I do that and give him a little time he will surely settle down; if he didn't no harm, maybe we just weren't a match. Soon I found conversation getting easier and was really enjoying it. We were starting to connect and suddenly it seemed we had a million things to talk about. A man with intelligence that can carry a conversation and has manners. I thought, this can't be real, but I was finding it very attractive.

To anyone observing it would be clear we were enjoying each other’s company. Soon we were seated close, very close. Madison reaches out and begins rubbing my thigh.

Daunt: When she touched me it was like electricity flowed out of her fingertips. My heart was pounding and I felt like a little boy. My body was wanting to charge ahead, but my mind, with its ingrained hardwired “treat women right” mentality won out; don’t misinterpret Daunt, you want to be sure. So did I acknowledge or respond to her touch? Nope.

Madison: Being affectionate is second nature to me. When I reached out and touched Daunt I began to question whether he was attracted to me. There was no reaction from him. I found this confusing, I am used to men responding much differently to this type of affection. I chalked it up to nerves and again wondered if he ever relax. Suddenly I found the situation funny. I laughed without realizing it, then he was asking me why I was laughing. I didn’t want to embarrass him so I ducked the question and asked if I could get another glass of wine.

Finally after a very long time I reached out pulled her close and said, “Come here”. I leaned in for a light sweet kiss, which she accepted with a smile.

Daunt: I know I waited way too long to go for that kiss...

Madison: God, what in the world took him so long to do that? Also I worried a little because the kiss didn’t feel like I expected it to; I didn’t feel passion or desire. I was thinking, Damn, how long can the man stay nervous? I decided that if he can’t relax in the next 30 minutes, then this not going any further than tonight; just a few drinks and dinner -- or maybe just the drinks. I like guys that take charge. I understand being nervous, but I was beginning to feel it wasn’t going to change.

The night comes to a close and it’s time to go. The weather was awful with heavy wind and rain. We walk out of the restaurant hand in hand and I steal a hug and a few more light kisses. She had used the valet to park her car, Madison offered to drive me to mine.

The valet arrives and I climb into the passenger seat. Upon reaching my car I leaned in for a good night kiss. The kiss became passionate, deep. My hand slid gently behind her neck and pulled her in close.

Daunt: I loved that kiss. It lingered in my mind for a long time after. I was pretty charged up by it.

Madison: Oh... that kiss surprised me I became lost in it. I could feel his desire and it was exactly the kind of kiss I was wanting and waiting for. I struggled to keep myself in check and not lose control. I was feeling swept up and was thankful there wasn’t a bed around. I’m not easy. I don’t just hop into bed with any guy, but suddenly I was full of desire. I was shocked at the thoughts I was suddenly having. I wanted him to caress my breasts. I wondered if I had on a skirt where his hands may have explored. That kiss left me trembling, warm and breathless; and oh yes a bit moist.

At this point I had finally relaxed and didn’t want Madison to leave. But we had had no plans setup for anything but a first meeting, so gave her another quick kiss and got out of the car.

I was definitely looking forward to seeing her again.

So there you have it folks DauntlessD’s first meeting with Madison. Smooth wasn’t I?