Monday, October 10, 2011

Popcorn Anyone?

I was watching a TV show this weekend with my husband and oldest son (a young adult). The storyline was about a man who was having an affair and the young woman with whom he was having the affair. 

Let me say right now that I avoid watching TV shows about infidelity because of the danger of the conversation turning toward a discussion of how awful it is and how wonderful it is for Hubby to know that I would never cheat on him, etc. This time, my husband was engaging my son in a discussion about infidelity, which I found particularly interesting since he recently admitted that he'd been cheating with several woman for over 5 years.

But I digress.....

In this storyline, the man wanted to break it off, but the young woman became enraged and started threatening to tell his wife. The man was beginning to panic.  She walked out of his office and into the street, still yelling at him and telling him exactly what she was going to report to his wife when....

She was hit by a bus. She was killed instantly and left a bloody mess all over the bus and the street.

We were all shocked into silence for a moment. Then we laughed and cheered.

(No, I do not normally cheer when people are flattened by buses, but this was a special occasion.  We really liked the man in this show and we really did not like that young woman.)

Then this conversation ensued:

Hubby: See, son? That woman could have ruined that man's life.  That is why you should remain faithful to your wife when you are married.

Son: Actually, it looks like it turned out great for him.  He got some young pussy, and then she got hit by a bus so she couldn't tell his wife. He's a happy guy now.

Hubby: (speaking while I cringe at hearing my sweet baby boy use the word "pussy") Yeah, but he just got lucky.  That's a one in a million thing. The real lesson here is that you shouldn't cheat.

Kat: I think the real lesson is that he shouldn't have cheated with a single woman.  She had all the leverage and all the power in the relationship, which put him in a very risky and tenuous position.  If he had cheated with a married woman, that never would have happened.  She wouldn't threaten to tell his wife because then he could tell her husband. Not telling the spouses is a mutual agreement.  It's like mutually assured destruction.  They both have something to lose. So, it's much safer with a married person, and.....

I stopped talking when I realized they were both staring at me.  My son was looking at me like I was the biggest idiot ever, and Hubby was white as a ghost and he had a stunned expression on is face.  I needed to recover quickly.....

Kat: But your father is right, Son. It's much better not to cheat at all. Popcorn anyone?

And then I jumped up and glided swiftly into the kitchen to make some popcorn. When it was finished, my son came into the kitchen to help me with the bowls. He stepped next to me and leaned over, lowered his voice, and said, "Smooth, Mom."

I sighed as we walked back into the living room.  This is why I don't like watching TV.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...


My husband and I *just* watched that episode this past weekend.

Elle said...

Hahaha... I love that your son said Pussy in front of you!

Kat said...

Ms. I - Hubby and I are watching it on Netflix. We are now on episode 53 out of 100. Dauntless recommended it, and I love it! I think I'm developing a crush on Christian Troy. LOL

Elle - It's funny *now*. At the time it was horrifying! haha

Anonymous said...

Well done. You 'outed' yourself to your son as the person cheating on his dad... I'm sure every child appreciates having their father emasculated and diminished while in their presence.

Did you ever 'man-up' and admit to your adulterous husband that you were bangin' others, as well?

I'm sure your Sweet Baby thinks highly of you now that he knows mommy's been polishing her shoulder blades on the sheets of various hotel room beds.

Naughty Kitty said...

Funny and yes I agree. I try to avoid shows about infidelity to avoid the same conversation.

lil said...

Lmao. Yes well, at least there was popcorn to the rescue.

Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

Yeah... your son knows something is up.

I think you want to be discovered.

Kat said...

Anonymous- I did not out myself to my son. You read more into that than was really there. The "polishing your shoulder blades" comment was cute, but any one who knows me or who has read much here knows that I dont spend much time on my back in bed. I'm more of a on-my-hands-and-knees or bent-over-the-table kind of gal. Your angry tone is not necessary, but you're welcome here nonetheless.

Athol- Nice to see you here! No, you, too, are incorrect about my son. Your comment about wanting to be caught is an interesting one, though, and I will certainly give it some thought.