Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Fantasy about Time

Tonight many of us will be moving our clocks ahead an hour for Daylight Savings Time. Tonight we lose an hour. I thought it appropriate to make time the subject of a post for today.

Because I never seem to have enough time, I knew it should be a fantasy.  Enjoy.


In my fantasy, we have time. Plenty of time. An abundance of time. So much time that we spend it lavishly, almost frivolously, like children who don't yet have any real concept of lack or want.

There's enough time for work and play and family and friends - and you. Finally enough time for you.  For us.

There's enough time so we don't have to choose between having lunch or making love, between pillow talk and pleasure, between companionship and passion. There's time for it all.

One of us turns to look at the clock, saying, "What time is it?" and we both laugh and shout, "Who cares?!" We don't have to go. There's no invisible leash constantly pulling us apart every moment we are together.

We have time to explore each other, to touch and taste every part of each other. There's time to tease and tantalize, titillate and torment. There is no need to rush, no need to hurry.

There's time to try new things, to experiment, to laugh, to sleep. Ah! Sleep! There's time to gently doze off in each other's arms after making love without the worry of not getting home in time or losing our time together. Then we can wake from our sweet slumber to a renewed passion and more of...whatever we want.

We have no conflict about taking time from family because we know there will be plenty of time for us to be with them, too. The guilt about taking time from children and work is gone. It's replaced with a sense of freedom and revelry in the knowledge that there is time enough to go around just as there is enough love to go around.

Soon, we'll forget what it was like to have to race though lovemaking and dash through discussions and we can focus on each other without the constant pulsating beat of the clock driving us apart.

We have time.  Plenty of time.  An abundance of time.


Elle said...

Love it. But MOST importantly, thank you for reminding me I need to change my clocks.

jam said...

ahh sounds like heaven. not to worry about time when with my FB.

Ryan Beaumont said...

You are correct about time. I was at my daughters basketball game the other day. Her team got down by about 9 points with about 3 minutes left. My wife said it's over. I said probably but they have about 8 or 10 possessions left in the game. If they make the most of those possessions and stop the other team on defense it is possible. Unfortunately they missed some easy shots and gave up a "chippy" layup late. They ended up loosing by 3 I think; but they made a valiant effort against a team with far more talent.

Sorry to ramble about sports it is a fault of mine. But when you look at time it seems so brief but if you look at how many offensive possessions (or times at the plate) you have left you see that you almost always have a lot of opportunity left to make it work and make it all worthwhile if you keep your energy up.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to provide a sports analogy. It's a personal weakness of mine! :)

Ponyboy said...

Sounds like you were describing my life...

An abundance of time, now that I have thought of it is a great fantasy to have. So many things you could do differently.

Now I gotta run, I have a ton of things to do before my 300pm appointment... (haha)