Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm laying in bed thinking about you. It's late. The room is warm, but a cool breeze wisps over me from the ceiling fan, making my nipples hard. Is it the breeze or the thoughts of you? It doesn't matter. Both are refreshing and welcome in the quiet solitude of the night.

It's dark in the room and my eyes are closed, but all of my other senses are sharp. I'm more and more aware of my body as I imagine your hands on my breast as you kiss my neck. That brush of air I feel must be your breath. The hum of the fan is the sound of your soft but urgent moaning as you kiss your way down my body. 

I spread my legs open for you, feeling the smooth soft sheet against my legs, reminding me of the very same sensation from our last time together. I reach my hand down between my thighs and trace a finger slowly across my labia. I can feel the dampness. I slide a finger between my lips and over my clit, imagining that it's your tongue. You tease me with soft, slow licks at first. I tilt my hips slightly, reaching for you, trying to press my pussy harder against your tongue, wanting more. 

Your tongue moves faster, flicking my clit  rhythmically, harder. I kick the sheet off my legs so I can pull my knees up a little to open wider for you. 

My other hand pinches one of my nipples, then the other, finding the most sensitive one and then focusing on that one, as I'd be doing if you were really here working your oral magic on my pussy.  

I start to feel the beginning charges of an orgasm rising. The dampness between my legs is now a full wetness. I can smell my sex. I remember your scent and the blend of our scents together. It's intoxicating, almost making me forget that I want to cum with you inside me. You know that's my favorite way to cum - surrendering to you as your cock impales me. 

I force myself to pull my hand from my pussy and grab the vibrator in the nightstand drawer next to me. I pull my knees back further and slide it inside me. For a moment I lose my focus and I'm aware that I'm nude on my bed fucking myself with this vibrator, but it only takes a second for my mind to pull you back to me. I imagine you on top of me and I wrap my legs around you as you fuck me.  I feel your hard cock inside me and I can feel your strong chest and shoulders over me. I can see the intensity and desire on your face through the darkness. 

I turn the vibrator on as I start to cum, pumping it in and out quickly, just as you pump me hard and fast when you feel my cunt tightening around you. 

I feel you leaning down to kiss me as I release, and as you release into me. I can taste you. I can feel your tongue in my mouth as I shake with pleasure. 

I pull the vibe out and for a moment I'm alone in the dark again, physically satisfied, but alone. I turn onto my side and imagine I'm curling up next you, your arms around me, your skin against my skin down the length of our bodies. I brush my hair away from my face the way you do. 

I imagine your kiss again, and I drift off to sleep  - not alone, but with you.


Anonymous said...

wow, I'm glad I am not the only up playing with

Anonymous said...

The memories, your imagination, the alone time at night, all blended together, very beautiful and erotic, mmmmm.

Kat said...

Carolina - Nope, you weren't alone. However, I would have wished it were different for both of us.

Marcus - Thanks, Handsome. Wish you were there.