Friday, July 8, 2011

Raunchy Hotel Sex - Version 2

I made a pledge to have some raunchy sex and write about it, and I did. Raunchy Hotel Sex is a reasonably accurate account of my afternoon of hot sex with JJ, except...... I left a few things out.  In fact, I left out the parts that were funny, awkward, romantic or otherwise decidedly un-raunchy. This post will fill you in on the rest of the story.  For those of you who want to hold onto the image of an afternoon with nothing but raunchy sex, please read no further.  For the rest of you....

As I said, I arrived before JJ and waited in the parking lot checking my email.  Specifically, I was checking and responding to an email from J (remember The Best Sex of My Life?).  It seems that my pledge to have raunchy sex within 24 hours got some attention.  J couldn't help with the 24 hour timeline, but he had a suggestion for next week.  Those of you who have read the posts about J know that he's special to me. I also heard from C (Afternoon Fun in a Honda Civic) who was willing to help me out with the pledge, and he suggested that we upgrade from a Honda Civic to raunchy minivan sex. Aren't I a lucky gal?

Anyway, JJ showed up and we went inside.  Guess who was at the registration desk?  You guessed it - Strange Hotel Guy! JJ was dealing with him and I was just standing next to him.  When Strange Hotel Guy looked up at me, I smiled.  I was thinking, "So, Strange Hotel Guy, you're not so chatty and flirty now that JJ is here with me, are ya?" I was pleasantly amused that this time Strange Hotel Guy looked a bit nervous and uncomfortable.  I wondered if he thought I had told JJ about the encounter we had that day last month. It didn't matter.  Watching him squirm a little was just plain fun.

When we went to the our room (not our usual room, but a new one...what's up with that?), the really raunchy story would be that we started kissing and ripping each other's clothes off before the door closed. The truth is that we were talking about life and catching up a bit as we got undressed - him on one side of the bed, me on the other.  Then we climbed into bed like an old married couple (ok, not that old) and got busy. Not exactly porn movie stuff so far, huh?

Ahhh...the kissing, the quick orgasms, the need to fuck each other quickly, the lube, etc. - all true. All gloriously true.

But then we hit a speed bump.

I got up and walked around to the edge of the bed, spread my legs, bent over, etc.  He hurried over and started fucking my ass (mmm....I absolutely love that!) but the angle wasn't right.  I stepped back a bit.  No, still not right.  I stood up on my tippy toes (I am a rather short Kat). Ok. Good...for a while. Try this. I grabbed onto the sheet with gave way immediately.  Gosh darn it!  It's not a fitted sheet, but just a top sheet tucked in so it came loose immediately. Then I was trying to hold onto something for leverage while standing on my tippy toes, hips tilted just right, while dealing with a little pain (ouch!)...and then there was so much going on that my ADD kicked in and I was no longer "present." My mind started thinking about everything from the stupid flat sheet, to the housekeeping cart outside (I wonder if they have a damned fitted sheet I can steal?), to the full wall mirror directly in front of me (Hello! That's a view of me I don't get very often.), to how I was going to make this sound raunchy for y'all...and it went on and on.  Finally, we both became exasperated and stopped.  Ugghhhh!!!

JJ exclaimed, "There's just too much pressure to make it raunchy!"  We both laughed at that.  I agreed it was a mistake to go into our time together with an expectation that I'd be writing about it.  Stupid move.  I told him about a story that Riff told about thinking about how he was going to write about an experience while he was in the middle of "the act." It's not an uncommon thing for bloggers to experience. We decided that we would kick the rest of you out of our bed, forget about raunchy, and just do what we wanted to do. Interestingly, that's when it got really good (as it usually is with us) and raunchy.  Go figure.

As long as I'm confessing..... I said that JJ said, "I love you, Kat" as he was leaving. That's not exactly the truth.  The reality is that when we are together, we are exchanging feelings, expressions of love and sweet talk the whole time.  Then there's the dirty talk when we're having sex (I love dirty talk). And the chit chat in between "rounds."  Ok, the truth is that JJ and I are talkers.  We're always talking to each other, except when we're kissing, although sometimes we're talking through that, too. I left out all the talking in the first version of the story because it interfered with the raunchiness. Seriously, did you really want to hear about how we talked about Cara's fondness for spumoni ice cream just seconds before his hand was on my clit and I was screaming in pleasure?  I didn't think so. you have the whole story. Part raunchy, part very "normal," but definitely real.

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Asian Girl said...

I love reading tidbits like this! And I do sometimes think about how my sexual encounters will play out as a blog. The guys do too. Before we part ways, they like to ask me if I'm going to blog about it! lol