Friday, July 1, 2011

Fantasy Friday by SomewhereMan - Gulf Coast Yacht

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I always liked to describe a day like this as 'Mississippi Hot'.

"And, please, get me just below the shoulder blades, luv," I begged of you.  "That's where I always seem to get burned."

You laughed and kissed my neck before rubbing a dab of sunscreen on my back.  "Maybe if I wouldn't be ripping your clothes off all the time, we wouldn't have to worry about this.  You nervous?"

"About ripping my clothes off?" I asked, looking into your eyes as the Mississippi sun beat down on us.

She giggled.  "Dork."

At the tip of Bay St. Louis, the breeze off the Gulf of Mexico cut through us. 

I took in another glance at your beauty, as you are in a white t-shirt, without sleeves but with a woman's cut to put your perfect body. You had bought a purple and white bikini but had refused to show it to me until we were in the middle of their rather bold plans for the afternoon.

"And this is where I get to shell out the cash, I see," I said as we approached a marina.  For the low, low price of $575, we would rent a small yacht and spent their afternoon out, on the tip of the Gulf of Mexico, away from people and in-touch with our own desires.


"And, here is how this is gonna work," this mid-twenties young man with a tan the color of a saddle bag instructed.  He kept a bluetooth to my ear, pressing the transmitter.  "We're heading out now.  Follow me."

I was down to my red swimming trunks, plain and with a string up front, different than the aloha prints that I had worn for 15 years.  Amazing what reading GQ again and dating a sexy woman could do for a guy's fashion sense again.  I stole another glance at you, ready to see your new purple and white bikini and, especially, ready to get my hands in there and make your feel incredible. 

Incredibly tingly.

"Some of the ground rules," the guide instructed as we broke away from the harbor.  "I'll get us about a mile off the shore and then get y'all planted out there.  Carl, back 'der in 'da boat will cruise out, pick me up.  You'll have four hours to do whatever you want out here."

He handed me a sheet of paper.

"My cell phone number is on there.  Please stay in touch when it's time for me to come on out and get you.  Program it in there now if you run into any distress."

"Sure thing," I said, trying to sound like I knew what I was doing on a boat.

"Don't mind if I mention this as well, since you're a couple 'n all," the guide said, lifting his sunglasses over his eyes.  "If y'all are gonna be fuckin' in the Gulf, that's cool.  That's why I can charge what we charge to rent a boat for four hours.  Just know that the Coast Guard patrols and they can see almost anything from up to a half-mile away.  Just a heads up."

Fifteen minutes of riding the waves followed, with this guide named Chet helping steer the S.S. Yellowbird to a place where we could have some privacy.  

Yet both of us were preoccupied with the moment Chet would hop onto a speedboat and whisk himself away, so we would have a glorious session of hot lovemaking, bouncing on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico...

An engine-powered boat pulled up along the yacht, just as the waves swayed us gently and Chet shook hands and said my goodbyes, disappearing into the horizon, back to the shore.

You grabbed my hand and held me close, our bodies now glistening, almost like the water off the ocean.

"Where were we again?" I asked, tasting your soft lips and squeezing the small of your back.  I always loved how you felt in my arms.  I told you that you had the perfect body and that I was always so turned on around you.  

You never let me tell you otherwise.  :)

With our eyes closed, the kissing intensified as hands started running all over each other.  Tacky as ever, I wore a t-shirt from a Bail Bonds place back in Iowa.  you ran your hands under my navy t-shirt, under the back where it blared out, 'You Ring, We Spring!', sneaking a steal of my waist and my new, red swim shorts.

I could feel the outline of your new bikini, just screaming to get out.  I slipped a finger or two under the neckline in your white t-shirt, feeling you catch a quick breath at the anticipation of my touch.

"Let's just keep standing up," you suggested, even as a wave nearly made us both stumble. 

"For now," I smiled back.  I looked at the black, shiny Umbro shorts that you wore as a cover, largely to prevent me from seeing this bikini I had fantasized about for weeks.  Now was the time for that to all go away and for me to take in your bold and sexy beauty.

With my hands now running under the white shirt, I lifted the shirt up and finally got a look at your bikini, as I caressed the sides of your breasts.  Mmmmmmm.  White and purple.

Standing on the back of the yacht, I turn you around, cupping your breasts and reaching down to help slip off your black workout shorts, sliding the slick shorts own to your feet.  I glanced up to take in your firm, tight ass, covered only by the bikini bottoms.

As I always had done, I took a long look at you, still shocked that a woman as beautiful, stunning and passionate wanted to spend time with a guy like me.

Wow, I thought.  

Now you are reaching to peel off my clothes, throwing my navy t-shirt into the shaded deck, where my clothes were piling up.  You dig your hands inside my shorts, feeling my muscular butt and giving it a gentle squeeze.

I kissed your neck, slipping a hand inside your hot purple and white top, pinching your right nipple softly.  Touching your breast only made me even harder as your hands were now starting to explore the waistband in my shorts, reaching down to gently touch the trimmed hair that surrounded my ever-growing bulge.


"I want you now," you moaned into my ear, more of a whisper even though we couldn't see a person anywhere near us.  Only fish, waves and sunshine out here.

You stroked my hardening cock, through the red suit as I reached down and tested out your bikini bottoms to see how wet you are.  I guided a willing finger over your love mound, over to discover it was completely bare.  

Nothing.  Not even a tinge of hair.

This stirred my mind.  You had a beautiful, perfect area "down there".  Wanting to see what this was about, my fingers grabbed onto the sides of your bikini - the lovely purple and white, of course - and guided the bikini bottoms to your feet.  I looked up to see you were fully shaved now.

"Just for me?" I asked.

You guided a finger on top of your clit, because she could, and smiled.  "Just wanted to mix it up a little.  You never seem to mind it down there any."

"No, I never do..."

I guided your onto the seated area, which was pretty hot, given the exposure to the sun.  I put my t-shirt down for you to sit on so that your hot little ass wouldn't get all burned.  

Feeling the sun beating down on my shoulders and back, I leaned in to kiss your bare and tasty pussy.  As I expected, it tasted like honey, the grooves and folds of skin like a welcome bounty to my twirling and tickling tongue.  I grabbed your breasts as you unhooked the top of your bikini, putting the top on the back of my neck.

You smelled incredible.  I couldn't describe what the scent was but the combination of your fragrance and your natural scent from being excited drove me wild.

With my tongue running circles on your sensitive clit, I run an index finger...and then two fingers inside of you.  I felt your perfect pussy wrap itself all around my caring and exploring fingers.  your breathing stopped and started at the sensation.

I licked all over your down there, as my fingers slid in and out of your wet pussy.  I licked your clit and then ran a thumb all over it before I moved my tongue further south to lick your ass.  Twisting my head, I made eye contact with you, as you had ditched your sunglasses so you could look back into my eyes.

This was so hot... so hott with two t's.  You bit your bottom lip as we both wished this moment could last forever.

"I want your cock inside of me," you insisted.  "Is it ready?"

"More than ready, luv.  You make me so, so, so hot."

"I can tell," she said, unwrapping my full-size cock from the constraints of the red (and very, very stylish) swim shorts.  

"Let's go up here."  I guided you to the front of the yacht, the spot where there is an open space between the railing.

"A little walk on the wild side.  THIS is bold, my love."

I helped lead your beautiful body to the hot, light part of the boat, your head inching near the edge of the boat.  Your opened your moist legs, ready for my hard cock to enter.

"I can't wait to lick it," you said, "but I'll taste you after you've been inside of me."  You played with your sensitive clit as I stroked myself to reach maximum size.

I guided my throbbing head just inside of your beautiful pussy lips, pushing in slowly but realizing that you were so wet...and tight...and hot.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH," you sighed, taking in every inch, every half-inch, of my dick.

You grabbed at my hips while I held onto your waist, the light waves of the ocean also serving as a guide to sway us.  I looked around for the Coast Guard.


Still all alone.  

Thrusting away, now at a faster pace, I lick my thumb and place it on your clit.  Now we both could feel your climax building up.  

I looked down at your perfect body, with me deep inside of you.  My mind was fully locked in on pleasuring you.  No phone calls.  No distractions.  No breakers knocking waves all over the boat.

The buildup was already filling my hard cock.  You started pawing at my ass, scratching it as the passion filled your tight and wet body.

"Don't stop, baby," you yelled.  "Keep rubbing there."

I kept up the pace, feeling your grab at my cock with each thrust.  A perfect fit -- fitting for our perfect lovemaking on this steamy afternoon.

You couldn't hold off any longer as you looked into my eyes, took your hands off my ass and started slapping the front of the boat.  A run of waves only intensified our feelings as the climax - so anticipated for your - enraptured your gorgeous body.

"OOOOOHHHHHHH," you cooed at your moment of sweet release.

I slowed down so you could savor each sensation, every touch.  I leaned down to kiss you, our tongues meshing with passion.

I held you, tight, for another minute, still hard inside of you.  

"Now, your turn to come," you said.  I got up and sat on the same seat that, minutes before, I had pleasured your with my tongue along your welcoming pussy lips.  "I'm ready to ride you."

With my pole just shooting straight up, you said down on my cock, your hands connecting and our eyes locked into each other's eyes...

Now the buildup wouldn't last much longer for me.  You were so beautiful, your pussy bobbing up and down on my cock.  I stole a glance at that -- still blown away that a woman like you wanted to make love to me -- on this boat in the middle of the Gulf.  You reached down to kiss me, driving me crazy and leading me to the brink of my orgasm.

"I'm about to come, luv... in a few seconds," I whispered.

"Let me taste it," you said.

You hopped off my hard cock and dropped to your knees, stroking my cock with one hand and cupping my balls with the other. 

I felt the explosion coming and looked right into your eyes.  Your smile and your eyes said, I love loving you.  Especially at this moment.

Feeling totally comfortable in your arms, I shot my first load way into the Mississippi sky, landing somewhere in the boat.   You covered my exploding cock with your mouth as I emptied out, the come dripping off your lips as we both giggled.

You gave my cock a gentle squeeze and stood up to kiss my lips, our tongues clashing once again after this moment of True Tingly.

"What do you want to do now?" you said.

"We've got three hours left, Beautiful.  Let's take a nap...and do it one more time..."

"You're so sexy.  I'm so lucky."

"No, I'm the lucky one..."



Ryan Beaumont said...

I love the scenery! The only thing missing is dinner at Mary Mahoney's in Biloxi!

The Tame Lion said...

Absolutely wonderful!
Keep it coming!