Saturday, July 16, 2011

The First Ten Minutes and Two Feet

I was in the room first, and I had plenty of time to change into a black negligee (no panties, of course!) and prepare for his arrival. After I was ready, I had nothing to do but sit and wait, and think about him.

The knock on the door was a welcome sound.  I moved quickly to open it and let him in, standing behind the door so the housekeeper in the hallway cleaning the room across the hall wouldn't see me. He took my breath away as he stepped into the room, and I wondered how that could be possible every single time, but it was. Tall, handsome, perfectly dressed for work, and smiling at me - exactly as I envisioned him throughout the week between our meetings, but now he was here in front of me.

Before the door closed, I stepped around the door, catching a quick glimpse of the maid looking over at us, and put my arms around him as I stood on my tippy-toes to kiss him. Kissing him was like a drug.  I could never get enough, and it was the thing I fantasized about most when we were apart.  After a moment or two, I reached for the door with my foot to swing it shut, not breaking from our kiss so I wouldn't break the focus of the moment.

It wasn't long before I reached down to unbuckle his belt, unfasten his pants, and reached in to feel his hard cock.  He moaned as I slipped my hand around it and started stroking it, still kissing each other deeply, wanting each other badly.

I slipped his pants and undershorts down over his hips, squatting down as I did so I could take his hardness into my mouth. He leaned back against the wall and pressed his hips forward, offering me all of it for sucking and stroking. While I was squatting in front of him, I could feel the cool air on my exposed pussy, and I couldn't help but wish there were two of him - one underneath me for me to ride while I was sucking on the other one of him.

But there was only one of him, of course, and I was stuck with that dilemma I faced every time I was with him. I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth, sliding against my tongue and probing the back of my throat.  I loved how it got even harder after I thought he couldn't get any harder. I loved the way he caressed my head and petted (and sometimes pulled) my hair and moaned with pleasure. But I also loved the way he felt as he entered me, taking me - sometimes gently, sometimes roughly - pressing all the way into me and then fucking me like only he could.

I knew he had a similar dilemma that played out every week, as well. He'd say he wanted to be inside me, and I'd say, "How do you want me?" In the silence of the pause that followed, I knew he was struggling with the decision - Pussy?  Ass? Mouth?  Sometimes, he'd postpone the decision and put me on my hands and knees, moving behind me and rubbing his cock up and down my wet slit until it seemed to make the decision for him, sliding in wherever it apparently wanted to.

So, after a few minutes of sucking his gorgeous cock, I'd made a decision.  I wanted him inside me.  I stood up and kissed him again, then I motioned toward the bed and said, "Let's go over here."  As I stepped toward the bed, he grabbed my arm, pulled me back, and said, "No. Here."

Still only two feet from the door, he kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants, turned me around facing away from him, and pulled my hips back against him as he leaned back against the wall behind him.  I bent over and leaned against the wall in front of me as he easily entered my pussy from behind and started moving his hips slowly. He told me to lean back against him and I felt him even deeper.

I could hear the maid outside talking to someone else in the hallway, which meant she could also hear me moaning and begging for him to fuck me harder, but I didn't care.  All that mattered was him and whatever he wanted right at this moment.

As hot and amazing as the moment was, we had our splashes of comedy, as we always seem to have.  Every now and then his cock would slip out of me, usually just as I was about to cum, because I was so wet.  All that extra time waiting and thinking about him had made it like a slip-n-slide down there, which was good of course, but it was also a challenge in this precarious position.

Then there was the light.  He was leaning against the wall right where the light switch was, so as he moved while he was fucking me, he'd accidentally flip the light switch on...then off....then on again a little later...and off. I'd laugh and move forward a bit and then - slip - oops! - he'd pull me back and slide inside me again, which would completely refocus me, until the light switched on - or off - again. LOL. Having a lover with ADD can be a challenge, as he has learned.

Eventually, I could feel the pleasure start to shoot up my back and nothing could have taken my focus away at that point.

He groaned loudly, grabbed my hips, and thrust into me deeply and forcefully, and.....

Well, you know.....

We had another three hours together that afternoon and a king size bed and large hotel room to use, but the tone was set by that first ten minutes and two feet.

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Advizor54 said...

"well, you know....."

what a cruel way to end it... :-) sounds fantastic. I hope the next three hours proved just as nice.