Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kat Keywords

I was perusing our Prowling with Kat stats this weekend, and I noticed some very interesting keywords that folks have used within the past few weeks to find PWK. Some were so interesting that I knew I had to share them with you.

Of course, the most used keywords are, you guessed it, "prowling with kat" and variations of it like prowling kat, kat prowling, shackledkat, etc. Next in line are those related to "fisting," like fisting sex, fisting, fisting videos, fisting how to, and so on.

Then it gets really wild.  Take a look at these key words.  Keep in mind that each of these was actually used by people to find PWK.  They ended up here by starting with a search for these keywords.

"Daddy sucks cock while eating peanut butter and honey" - Wow! Now there's a long tail keyword that grabs your attention! But I had no idea how that search led to us.  Then I saw it on page two of that search - Why I Suck at 69.

"Husband is emotionally distant and does not trust me" - I don't remember writing about that at all, but search is all about the words. On page 2 of that search, I found 10 Tips for Cheating on Your Spouse. Ok, makes sense.

"Licking his wedding ring' - Number two in that search brings you to Delicious Irony - A Naughty Fisting Story. If you haven't read that one yet, you should.  It's one of my favorites.

"Dog licking pussy of girl" - Whoa! How did that one lead to us?  I know I've never written about dog sex.  DauntlessD suggested that I've used the word "dog" a lot (as in, you dogs) and I've written about licking pussy a few times. When you put the two together, this is what you get.  However, I went 10 pages into that search and never found a link leading to us, so I think it's pretty strange that anyone got to PWK through that search. After thinking about it for awhile, it occurred to me that I do have a pretty hot sex story involving a dog from when I was in college.  I just may have to share that with you all one of these days.

"Naughty little bunny running through the forest picking up the field mice" - This one is all DauntlessD's fault.  At the top of that search is the link to Daunt's TMI post for June 14th. See how exciting TMI Tuesdays are?

"Something to really turn me on" - Now yer talkin'! I would expect this search to lead straight to our door, and it does.  The very first link is 10 Things that Really Turn Me On.

There are other strange search terms that I'll share at another time.  The real news is that it's pretty easy to find PWK.  Just type something naughty in that search bar.


Ryan Beaumont said...

So my question is not the how but the why? Who conducts internet searches about daddy, blowjobs, and PBJ? What type of sick world do we live in! :)

Oohh, I know what type of sick world. The type of sick world that makes me wonder what the most sick and demented key word search I can come up with that will lead me to your blog! hmmm...

Asian Girl said...

OMG, this is so funny! I love the first one. I can't believe someone was really searching for that. I'm going to check my stats after this and see what I find! lol

Liam said...

I didn't realize that "Palladium Prestige" was an old, high-end bit of stereo gear. I think I've surprised a few audiophiles out Googling for an owner's manual.

Yeah - it's fun browsing search terms on a slow day.