Wednesday, January 11, 2012

25 Things That Make Kat Purr

A deep, passionate, wet kiss that lasts for a long time.

A sweet expression of affection whispered in my ear.

Curling up naked in the dark with a lover- talking, sharing, kissing.

Being manhandled in a sexy way by a dominant man, whether I think I want it at the time or not.

A deep, hard fucking from behind.

Falling asleep in my husband's arms.

Dirty talk in bed.

Making love to someone who cares about me.

Listening to a man beg for more.

Swallowing warm cum.

Sweet kisses on my neck.

A strong hand sliding between my legs.

A wet mouth sucking on my nipple.

The feel of cum dripping down my thigh.

Rough sex.

Sweet, gentle, loving sex.

Watching my lover come.

Hearing a lover's expression of desire.

Naughty texts and emails.

Looking at photos of Cara and Soccer Mom.

The first kiss with a new lover.

Initial penetration.

Anticipation before an encounter.

Satisfaction after an encounter.

Stealing a kiss in a public place.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Where is getting ignorant comments on your blog????? I always thought I was making you happy!

Kat said...

Ryan- You *do* make me happy! But your funky comments don't make me purr; they make me laugh. :-)

Michael said...

List noted!


H said...

Kat, its scary how similar our list are, provided you reverse the gender that is, for instance like my cum dripping down your thighs, etc.

Damn are all woman like you or are you my soul mate :)

jam said...

goodness kat did you peek at my list. mmmmmm have a good one.

Kat said...

H and jam - I think we are all similar in some ways, do't you?

H - Soul mate? hmmmm.... ;-)

Michael - have you memorized it yet? LOL

JJ said...

What a great list!!! I am proud to say that I have checked many of them off with Kat!!!