Monday, January 16, 2012

Occupational Hazard

Well you're in for a treat! This is one of those rare moments when a mistake results in something good! I have put a fair amount of effort in keeping my identity private, mom would be a little shocked after all, but *poof* just like that my cover was blown when one day in a rush I sent an email from the wrong account. Lucky for me it was isolated. Even more lucky for me they liked what they found. AND lucky for you one of them wanted to contribute! My friend, Dusky Dawn, has written a delicious little fantasy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Excitement coursed through my body like surges of white-hot, sensual lightning. The raw power of passion and intrigue had my every nerve feeling raw and exposed. I felt as though any casual observer could see the sparks of desire flying off my skin as if I were from some B-rate sci-fi movie. I had long fantasized about this moment, played it out a million ways in the privacy of my mind, and now it was finally happening and my head was spinning, trying to keep up. I wanted to “be” in the moment, to savor every touch, every new sensation, but I also wanted to commit every second to memory to be lingered over later; indulged in over and over. Who knew if I would ever stumble upon this once in a lifetime opportunity ever again? As the saying goes, “lightning only strikes once,” or some such thing.

I reflected back on where this began. I was in my massage room, where I spent the better part of each day as a Massage Therapist. The candlelight flickered, dancing on the walls in an erotic peach glow. The music quietly wove its way into my conscience, teasing my senses and eliciting an undercurrent of romance and sweetness where previously had only been the carnal, sexual energy of base, primal urges as old as time itself. The scents of lavender and Arnica, thick and heady, beguiled my senses as I warmed the oil in my heated palms. The client on my table could have been anyone. She, face-down and unaware of the sexual tension threatening to boil over in me at any moment, was in her own blissful world of relaxation and not a part of my equation in any way. And yet, as much as she personally did not contribute to my sexual effervescence, her body was a conduit for my roiling thoughts. As I ran my warmed, oiled hands down the length of her olive-skinned, tight, toned body, my thoughts ran to the events that had taken place the previous evening.

It started out innocently enough. As we did many nights, my friend Jenna and I stopped by our friend Scott’s for drinks after work. We had each dated him at one time or another; somehow we all managed to remain friends in spite of it. Eventually, several drinks into the evening, we made our way out to the hot tub. The summer night was full of promise and intrigue; the stars winked their approval overhead. As we sat, laughing, drinks in hand, Scott began to run his foot up my long, smooth leg. I chanced a look at him from beneath lowered lashes, and then quickly sneaked a look at Jenna. She was unaware of what he was doing under cover of darkness and water. His foot was now stroking my inner thigh. “Scott!” Jenna squealed. Apparently she was receiving the same treatment. Emboldened by a mixture of liquid courage and the intoxicating scent of night-blooming jasmine hanging thickly in the balmy summer air, I moved over to Jenna’s side of the hot tub. Looking Scott dead in the face, I leaned in and began to kiss Jenna. Although caught off-guard, she kissed me back, her wet hand sliding up my neck and finding its way into my long, dark hair. I watched as Scott froze in place – shocked and more than a little turned on. His face, now looking a bit pained, drained of all color. I made sure he could see my tongue tracing the shape of Jenna’s lower lip, and slowly I pulled the purple triangle of her bikini top aside to reveal a very full, perfectly shaped, perky breast graced with a dark pink, hard nipple. I grazed her nipple with my long, French-manicured nails, and measured the weight of that beautiful breast in my hand.

I heard a low moan and the sound brought me back from my reverie. My hands were methodically kneading the tension away from my client’s tight shoulders, and I realized that her sounds of pleasure and release had been cleverly intertwined in my thoughts. As my oiled, talented hands moved down to the gentle slope of her low back, which curved into her magnificently rounded ass, my thoughts slipped back to the kiss I had shared with my friend Jenna.

Jenna and I had never talked in advance about what we were now doing. Later, we discovered we had each had our own fantasies, and in this moment, we were experimenting with something we had only done in our dreams. Jenna’s mouth trailed hot kisses against my cool, wet skin, making it’s way to my breasts. She pulled aside my bathing suit top and greedily took my cold, hard nipple into her hot mouth. My head fell back in ecstasy. My eyes involuntarily fluttered closed. Her hand closed over my other bared breast. ”Quite a hand full,” she giggled sexily. I felt warm breath against my neck. Scott’s stubble from a day’s growth was teasing my skin as he began to kiss behind my ear and down my exposed throat. I fought for a coherent thought. When did he make his way over from his previously voyeuristic position, I hazily wondered. Jenna’s hand had made it’s way south. She gently teased the apex of my thighs, applying slight pressure to my clit through my suit. My back arched, pressing my mound into her willing hand. The sensations I was experiencing were building so fast I felt as if I was cresting the top of a mile-high roller coaster. As Jenna slipped her fingers past my suit and into the slick folds of my eager pussy, I heard another groan, realizing this time it was me. My hand flailed, grasping for purchase, finding the side of the hot tub, as Jenna’s fingers slid in and out of me. I was pulsing, aching for release. Scott moved closer to me, pressing his bucking cock against my thigh. My hand slid into the water, and as if by memory, wrapped around him and began to remind him of my many skills. Jenna whispered throatily in my ear, “I love how you shave your’s ssssoooo smooth.”

Scott changed positions again, now sitting on the edge of the hot tub, his legs spread, feet resting on the step below. I shifted so that I was between his legs, and Jenna was behind me. I lowered my lips onto his cock, taking him deep in my mouth. He groaned, unable to contain himself. His hands were on my breasts, expertly rolling my nipples between his fingers. Jenna continued her ministrations to my pussy. Suddenly, she squeezed the underside of my ass cheek, near my pussy with her other hand. This was my undoing. With my mouth full, I groaned deep in my throat, a low, guttural release, as over the edge I went, pulsing throbbing, every muscle in my body spasming in glorious release. Simultaneously, Scott moaned, pulsing, releasing into my mouth his hot juices.

“Ohhhh yeaaaaah!” My petite little massage client murmured, stretching like a cat waking from a nap. “THAT was incredible!” She exclaimed. “You always know exactly what I need. That’s why I only come for...I mean, TO, you,” she said, a bit sheepishly. “I will DEFINITELY be back next week!”

And I, will try to focus more on you next time, I thought guiltily to myself.


Southern Sir said...

A wonderful little fantasy, hopefully she will decide to contribute more at some time.

Clem said...

Very hot, great mind-pics

Kat said...

DuskyDawn - Thank you for contributing..and what a hot piece!