Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dreaming of You

I'm laying in bed in the middle of the day,  eyes closed, thinking of you. As I remember your smile, your eyes, and your presence, I relax. I imagine reaching out to you and touching your shoulders, leaning closer to you - close enough to breathe your scent in deeply. I relax even more, imagining your arms slipping around me.

I help you take off your shirt. You pull off my blouse and unhook my bra quickly. My nipples harden instantly when they touch your chest. I try not to let my gasp become audible, but it's no use. You smile and kiss me.

I breathe you in- inhaling as you exhale, exhaling as you inhale. Needing you. Wanting you.

I feel your hand sliding between my legs, and I slide my hand between my legs as I lay on my bed. I imagine that moment when you first touch my clit and I touch myself, releasing the spark of electricity that had been building up. I gasp into your mouth, and you begin to circle my clit with your finger.

I hold onto you with one hand to steady myself. With the other, I fumble with your pants until I can reach in to feel your cock. A growl escapes from me when I realize that you're rock hard. Now I don't just want you; I crave you. I have to have you. I need you.

I've pushed off the covers now and spread my legs, rubbing my clit harder and pinching a nipple with my other hand.

In my imaginary encounter with you, I'm starting to get close to orgasm. I try to break from our kiss to beg you to fuck me, but you grab the hair on the back of my head and force me back to your mouth. I moan, both in protest and pleasure. As I start to shake, I'm begging you as we kiss, moaning into your mouth. You tighten your grip on my hair, making me squeal, taking my attention away from my pussy for a second, long enough to push that orgasm back for a few more seconds.

But here in my room,  on my bed, I have already come once and my hand is drenched with my own juices. But I don't stop, I want more.

In my mind, you pull your hand away from my pussy. I try to object but the sharp pain of your hand pulling my hair roughly as you pull me across the room distracts me.  You put your hand on the back of my neck and bend me over the desk. I feel you pulling off my pants and panties just before you kick my legs apart.

I comply, not even trying to stand up or resist you. I hear you undressing the rest of the way behind me and I grab onto the edges of the desk, knowing what you're about to do.

But you stop. You slide your hands up and down my back very slowly as you rub your hardness against me. I can feel my wetness literally dripping down my inner thigh as your cock becomes drenched.

I feel the tip against me, just positioned there. Then you stop again. You tell me to back onto you. I press back, taking you inside me. I exhale an audible groan of....pleasure? No, relief....relief that you've finally given me what I need.

Then you tell me to move. Just one word, move. I know what you want and I start moving forward and back taking your cock in and then moving off it, not completely, but just until only the head is inside. Then I press back again. I keep moving at a steady pace while you stand still behind me. I wonder if I'm pleasing you, and then **SLAP**. You bring your hand down hard on my ass, making me  jump and squeal.

You sternly tell me to fuck you harder, to show you that I'm your slut.  I nod my head yes and start moving faster. Within 30 seconds I start to come. I ask your permission and try to wait for you. I bite my lip. I ask again, still fucking you. Then I start begging, shaking , knowing I can't wait.

I hear you laugh when I start telling you that I'm sorry. I come hard, almost against my will, but as soon as I do, before I'm done, you pull out. I scream in protest and start to stand, but you roughly push me down again.

Before I can look back at you I feel you driving your hard cock into my ass. Mmmmm... I relax and let my body feel you, breathing deeply to minimize the pain, trying not to pull away, knowing you want me to accept you however you want to take me. I feel the orgasm still rippling through my body as you grab my hips and pull me back onto you as you thrust harder and harder. I grip the desk, loving the feel of the way you are using me, violating me so hard now that you're lifting my feet slightly off the ground with each thrust.

You finally drive deep and hold. I hear you groan and I feel your cock pulsate as you come. I squeeze you, holding you inside me after you let go of my hips.

In my room, I'm coming again, imagining the feel of you, the smell of sex filling the room. I moan loudly, feeling my body tense and then relax slowly as the pleasure washes over me.

I open my eyes, alone in my room. You're gone, but I can still feel you. I drift off to sleep for a nap knowing I'll dream of you and be with you again.


1manview said...

Very creative and erotic...

Army Guy said...

Well then, it seems as though someone was inspired today. Whoever could be the reason behind that I wonder? ;)

Mr. Dryden said...

Kat and Friends,

So I'm just starting this foray into the unknown world of connection outside my 7 year relationship. I'm 31, live just south of San Francisco, and can't tell you how good your blog has made me feel.

I knew there had to - just had to - be others out there seeking excitement elsewhere, but still dead set on remaining in their relationships. I'm even happier to realize you guys are just up the road. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like Santa and the North Pole near.

A month ago I met a married woman locally who was seeking an affair. We've talked for weeks, and it seems like we really hit things off. Well, long story short, she had a change of heart and things have fizzled, but I'm still feel like I've had a breath of fresh air - and although no sex had yet been involved, I really credit you guys for some wonderful tips.

I'm really looking for my own JJ or otherwise, someone to connect with in the same situation... oh, and have amazing sex with too. So cross your fingers - or legs - for me. :)

I love all of your posts, and am living vicariously (and secretly) through all of you. Keep up the wonderful stories, there is some seriously awesome writing going on in here (I should know, I run a blog with a following of of thousands - your writing is superb).

Peace and Much Prowler love to you all,
- Mr. D

JJ said...

I loved getting this letter in my inbox this weekend. My weekend was crazy and hectic and Kat's love note made my day!!!

Mr. Dryden said...


You should! You guys have a very cool sensual relationship, it's inspiring (if that makes sense) to those of us on the outside.


- Mr. D

Max said...

Smoking hot.... :-)

H said...

Kat, that was fantastic, very much a turn on....

Kat said...

1manview, H, Max - Thank you very much. I enjoyed it, too. ;-)

Army Guy - Inspiration can come from unexpeted places, as you know. Is that a tone of coyness I detect?

JJ - Awww. I'm glad I could make your crazy day a bit better. You know I'm here for you.

Kat said...

Mr. D - Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! We often hear that folks are grateful to learn they are not alone,a nd I find it comforting, too, to know that there are others out there struggling with the same issues.

But let's talk about are pretty close. So, why haven't we met?

Mr. Dryden said...


Because I've been, um, hiding here in the shadows getting turned on by your posts!

Actually exploring this side of me is all quite new, but I has been the breath of fresh air I've been seeking. So thank you for logging your exploits!

What would you like to know? I'm anonymously an open book. ;)

Much Prowler Love,
Mr. D

Kat said...

Mr. D - I would love to read your blog! But I know that you write under your public identity and you want to be anonymous here. Would it help if I said I'll show you mine (identity) if you show me yours? ;-)

Seriously, I'd love to chat. Email? shackledkat at gmail dot com.

And if you ever wanted to write a naughty guest post, or even a not-so-naughty one.....I might be able to be talked into it - with the right incentive, of course. ;-)

jam said...

mmmmm wonderful. i love sex... the taste... the touch... the smell... i really enjoyed this post. thanks for the smile.

Mr. Dryden said...


Sure thing, just sent you an email!

- Mr. D