Monday, January 2, 2012

Coffee Break

The text from JJ was simple.


The answer wasn't as simple.  I wanted to see him, but it was hard to see him in a public place.  Either I'd have to fight my desire to kiss him and touch him or I'd give in to it - a very, very risky thing to do, especially so close to home.

And then I knew there would be the temptation to find a deserted parking lot on a country road nearby for some alone time, but that would be dangerous during the day, too.

My desire to see him won out, and we agreed to meet at a Starbucks in a town about 10 miles away from me.  It was close enough to get to quickly (and get back from quickly), but hopefully far enough that we wouldn't be seen by anyone I knew.

He met me at my car and was kissing me before I even knew what was happening. Ok, I kissed back.  It was 30 seconds later before I remembered that we were standing outside in a public (and somewhat busy) parking lot in the middle of the afternoon, not far from my home.

I pulled back and said, "We're in public."

"I know," he said, looking sheepish and contrite. "Let's go in and get something to drink."

I looked around when we got inside.  I didn't think there was anyone there I knew, but you never know who might have known my husband and what I look like.

We got some drinks and sat down. I was anxious to see him on the drive over, and I melted when we kissed outside, but sitting across the table from him and looking into his eyes stirred all sorts of feelings - and mostly made me wish that we weren't stuck in a crowded coffee shop. Without even thinking, I reached across the table and took his hand. So what if someone saw me? Not touching him was torture, torture that I determined to be more painful than if someone told my husband they had seen me in Starbucks holding hands with another man.

We talked. He congratulated me on Prowling with Kat's 1 year anniversary.  Yes, it has been a year!  Can you believe it?  I look around online for the sex and infidelity blogs that were started in the past year and many of them are either completely gone or they have gone dark for months.  I am proud of the fact that PWK is still here.

We talked about our holidays, our families, our plans.

In about 30 minutes, I had to leave so I could get back to work without my absence being a big deal. he walked me to my car and we kissed again.....and I melted again, forgetting that we were in public. Yes, I know I'm a bad example, but it was JJ.  He's irresistible. Period.

I took one of the country side roads home so I wouldn't run into much traffic. It was a beautiful day and the sun was on its way to setting, casting long shadows across the fields.  It was magical.  Or was that just the way I was feeling?

It didn't matter because tomorrow I would be seeing JJ again.  But we wouldn't be in a coffee shop then, and I wouldn't have to fight my desire to kiss, touch, and fuck him.

It would be much more than a coffee break then.


Ryan Beaumont said...

I think your advice on Prowling is good for blogging as well. I think these blogs tend to be like affairs - they start fast and then crash. It is hard to set a rhythm that will last over the long haul. You have certainly set a good rhythm.

Kat said...

Thanks, Ryan. :-)

The truth about blogging is that it's fun in the beginning - a lot of fun. And then the fun sizzles, and there are times when it's a chore. Just like a relationship, if you don't stick with it when it's not 100% fun, you won't reap the rewards that come from long term participation.