Friday, January 6, 2012


In horse racing, a bettor wins a trifecta by correctly picking the horses winning the first three places in a race (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in order. You've won the sexual trifecta if your lover comes in your mouth, cunt, and ass all within the same lovemaking session.

Well, in my afternoon with JJ that began as I described in Double Fisting? Yowza!, I was the lucky winner of a delightful trifecta.

Spent from the amazing fisting experience, I curled up next to JJ, kissing him a little and stroking him as we lay there. I had already come three times, but he hadn't had his turn yet.  Poor JJ.  So, I repositioned myself and kissed my way down to his already hard cock. I licked the tip with just the tip of tongue first, lapping up the precum and assessing my options.

JJ's cock is absolutely gorgeous. Thicker than average, rock hard....yummy. I took it in my mouth and started suckling slowly, taking a little more in every few seconds until it was completely in mouth.

I took in a breath and pushed down until I felt that familiar pop at the back of my throat, and then I stopped, holding him in my throat and mouth and swallowing, sucking, enjoying listening to his moans.  I stopped and repeated the whole cycle several times, sometimes looking up to see him watching me. Then he started helping me, stroking himself while I sucked him,  his hand serving as an extension of my mouth as I bobbed up and down. I squeezed his balls gently, then not so gently as he picked up the speed.  When he came, I pushed away his hand and dove down onto his cock, swallowing his warm cum as it kept coming and coming.

When there was no more tasty goodness to be had, I licked around his cock and balls, and kissed the tip of his cock gently. (I always feel like I'm policing the area when I do that.  Once a girl scout, always a girl scout, I guess.)

I crawled back up toward the head of the bed and settled into the crook of his arm again, resting my head on his shoulder, kissing his neck, then his mouth.

This was one of my favorite times - after we had both come the first time and we just held each other and talked as he recovered for round 2. That's when we caught up with what was going on with each of us and our lives. Sometimes I'd kiss his neck while he talked.  Sometimes he'd play with one of my nipples while I spoke.

After discussing the quirky issues about syncing an iPhone and iPad, he said, "I want to fuck you."  I reached down and noticed he was hard again.  I smiled.

This is where it really comes in handy to know someone as well and JJ and I know each other.  He started sitting up and I knew that meant he was moving to his knees to position himself behind me.  I rolled over and lifted myself up onto my knees and forearms, opening my knees to the right distance to ensure my pussy would be at just the right height to accommodate him.

He put one hand on my lower back and slid his cock deep inside me on the first stroke. It never ceases to amaze me how that first stroke feels even better than I remember - every single time. I started moving with him, slowly. I heard him whisper, "I love you, Kat," as he started moving faster, fucking me hard. 

I wanted to respond, but I couldn't speak. Not right then. Soon, he was fucking me so hard and fast that it was all I could do to hold on to avoid being slammed into the headboard, but it was difficult to do even that as I started coming in jolts. He grabbed my hips to hold me steady and pulled me back onto him. I squealed when it felt like his cock was deeper inside me than it had ever been. He groaned as he came, holding me there well beyond the point at which my shaking had stopped.  He held me until he was done, then he leaned over and kissed my lower back, withdrew, and collapsed on he bed next to me.

He pulled me over to kiss him right away, and I stole the opportunity to purr, "I love you, JJ" in between kisses. I felt him smile as we kissed. Then we settled in to hold each other again.

I wish I could remember all the things we talked about.  It was a potpourri of topics connected only by our joint stream of consciousness. The conversation always ended  a long way from where it started.  My favorite part was the laughter.

It couldn't have been more than five minutes when I casually reached down to play with his cock and I realized it was hard.

Shocked, I exclaimed, "There's no friggin' way you can be hard again already!"  Yet, he clearly was.

He smiled, sat up quickly, and said in a very dominant yet professional tone, "Yup, and I want your ass."

The only appropriate thing for me to say and do was, "Ok" as I moved where he wanted him and lifted my  backside, offering him what he wanted.  Ok, Ok, I'll admit it.  I wanted it, too.

You might have thought that I'd be ready for it because of our fisting play earlier, but the sweet and familiar pain of penetration was no different than if I hadn't had any anal play for a long time. He held himself at the entrance, and waited for me to back onto him. No pulling me or guiding me. He was patient while I pushed through the pain, surrendering myself to him.

I expected him to start moving, but he didn't.  He stayed still, and I knew that he wanted me to move. I moved forward and back, impaling myself on his cock again, and again, fucking him. This was such a turn on for me.  I felt like a well-trained pet, knowing what her Master wanted and obeying his commands even though he didn't say a word or move an inch.

 After a few strokes, he rewarded me by grabbing my hips and pounding me mercilessly, ignnoring my screams and moans. I felt his cock  pulsate as he came. I pushed back against him, squeezing tight, hoping he'd be pleased. He didn't need to say a word, but I knew he was pleased when I felt him bend over and kiss my lower back twice.

I snuggled up next to him again for more kissing.  We were really fortunate that day because we had four hours together. There was no need to rush. I lay my head on his chest and listened to his breathing become steady and even as he drifted off to sleep. I closed my eyes and shifted my legs to get a little bit more comfortable, and I felt his cum oozing from both my pussy and my ass. I dozed off thinking about how wonderful it felt to be with him.

I woke us both up a little while later with a little chortle of a snore. I said, "Sorry," and we both laughed. Dang! So much for my super hot sexy allure....

He started kissing me again and then he rolled on top of me for some missionary style fun. I pulled up my legs and...... well, I'm sure you know how that went, right?

After that, we dozed again for a little while, until it was time for him to go. I had another hour or so until I had to go, so he got up and jumped in the shower.  While he was getting dressed we talked about when we might be able to see each other again, and we wistfully fantasized about how nice it would be to have a full 24 hours together like we did 6 months ago.

More sweet kisses, then I watched him turn and walk out the door. I stretched out on the bed, and then it hit me.



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Michael said...

Very nice post Kat, very erotic. I refer to your "trifecta" as "around the world".


Kat said...

Thanks, Mike. I've heard that term, too. No matter what you call it, it's fantastic, isn't it? :-)

Michael said...

It sure is ... and I can only imagine how it would be with Kat ;)

Clem said...

Wow, reminds me oh so well of similar encounters with the 'Nurse', 4 hours of intense sex, laughs, and very intimate exchanges.
Your descriptions while I was reading this on my iPad in bed this morning, made *me* rock-hard.
A great post and another great time with JJ.
I'm envious.

Kat said...

You guys are making me blush! Thank you! :-)

Michael said...

you are most welcome ... pics of you blushing? ;)


Kat said...

Michael -- Maybe. ;-) I'll have to ask my Sweetie if he'd play photographer for me.

Michael said...

waiting with anticipation. If JJ won't, let me be the first to offer to sub for him. ;)