Monday, June 20, 2011

The Drink and Dial Technique

I would imagine most of us have had this experience. You are out late having a good time with friends then you get home alone. Your mind is pitched to and fro like a small boat in an ocean storm. The lingering alcohol in your veins makes you muddled and you steer toward more primal waters. Your body’s libidinous swells batter the small craft. Desperately you look for something your mind can anchor to. Then it happens. A thought -- one that was deeply buried -- suddenly seems like a good idea. It beckons. You grab on to it. You Drink and Dial.

For those that don't know, the term Drink and Dial was popularized by the movie Sideways; a movie I enjoyed quite a lot by the way. In it the character Miles, a morose would be writer, has too much to drink and calls his ex-wife. Usually these scenarios go sour and you regret what you have done later. However I was saved!

In case you haven’t noticed ol’ DauntlessD has been a little scarce as of late. The late spring months kicked off and had me insanely busy in part preparing for a trip to South America -- in fact it’s from there I write this post. It had been some time since I had been out to visit family and an impromptu party was thrown. It was a wonderful time and yes, I had a bit too much to drink.

I was surrounded by attractive women and many had no blood relation; girlfriends and wives etc. But even in my inebriated state I wasn’t going to cause that kind of scandal -- they’re family! The evening wraps up and I wander to my room. I’m alone feeling happy, loose and... randy.

Sigh, what’s a guy to do? So I contact Kat via IM hoping to kill time until I feel tired. We have a nice chat -- at least I did; she had to ride the surf of my tipsy brain. Finally I’m tired and I tell her I’m going to bed. Then it happens... I Drink and Dial... BUT It’s Ashley Madison I dial!

My busy schedule had crowded out my Prowling as of late. It had been some time since I had actively done anything with Ashley Madison. I logon and hit the search. I was feeling a bit surly. I really didn’t feel like working too hard on my notes. On the first message I forget to un-check the Priority Mail; something I never do. I was off my game, rusty. I fire off two more and they all say about the same thing. Paraphrased: “Hey it’s me, but I doubt your very serious. bleh.” And wouldn’t you know it? Positive responses come back. I guess I should be a little surly more often. Although I hadn’t planned on sending any Ashley Madison notes my Drinking and Dialing seems to have worked out. I’ll be back home in roughly a week with some promise on the horizon.

So in light of this I propose that Ashley Madison should change their slogan to: Life is short, Drink and Dial Your Way to an Affair.


Kat said...

Daunt - Did you really say that you IM'd me "hoping to kill time" until you got tired? Really???? (flashing my most disapproving 'Oh no you di'nt!' expression)

Don't mind me....I'm just contemplating payback...


Little Miss Me said...

I wish positive things came from my drunken messaging of people...I am queen of coming home from a night out and sending out messages to people, luckily my drunk typing is pretty illegible but oh so embarrassing

I miss the days where the only drunk thing to do was call someone and tell them to get their arse in your bed immediately! Now there is so much that can be messed with!

Congrats for you however! You go girly!

Anonymous said...

Kat - Oophf, I guess I'll rephrase next time ;)

Little Miss Me - Uh-ho, you have me concerned. I better go to the restroom and lift my skirt; I fear something may be missing...