Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seeing You

I thought seeing you briefly during the day for coffee or for lunch would make the limitless longing for you subside. If I could just hold your hand for a while, gaze into your eyes, kiss you deeply at least once as we part, maybe then I'd have enough of you to satisfy me until we could be together for a few hours.  Maybe that would be enough to calm my need for you until I could be naked in your arms, surrendering completely to you.

But that's not how it was. Seeing you just made me want you more.

Holding your hand made me want to hold all of my body against yours. The scent of you as we embraced when we greeted each other reminded me how the scent of you lingers on my skin and in my hair for hours after we make love, keeping you present for me long after we part. Looking into your eyes captures me and makes me never want to look away. And kissing you..... oh, kissing you, even for a moment, transports me to a place where there is no me and there is no you;  there is only us and that moment, and separating from that place feels wrong, harsh, lonely.

Yes, seeing you just made me want you more.

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