Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 Secrets about Kat

As you might imagine, there are many things about my life, even my prowling life, that I choose not to publish here.  But every now and then it can be fun to give you a little peek behind the silk curtain, so here are 10 secrets that few people know about me:

1. I don't own a pair of white panties or a white bra. White underwear is for little girls, old women, nuns, and Mormons. 

2. My first encounter from AM was with a man traveling on business. It was a wonderful and very satisfying one night stand. No, I don't remember his name. Does it matter?

3. I do not publish the details of every sexual encounter. Some experiences are just too special to be shared. Others are not special enough.

4. Not all of my encounters with men from AM have been positive (although most have been great!).  One was pretty creepy. Another became violent. And I've had to deal with flakes like just about everyone else. I am very grateful not to be out "on the open market" anymore. It's scary out there.

5. One of my fantasies is to have wild, outdoor sex with a biker guy. Oh, I've had sex with men who have bikes. In fact, DauntlessD looks pretty hot in leather. But I'm talking about a Jax from Sons of Anarchy bad boy type. 

6.  In spite of my biker fantasy, my real preference is for wickedly smart nerd types. They can carry on a decent conversation and they are wild in bed. 

7. In recent years I have become acutely aware of how quickly time passes, and that has spurred me to focus on "sucking the marrow out of life," so to speak.  ;-)

8. Even though I've prowled around quite a bit over the years, I've only been truly in love with 4 men in my entire life. 

9. There is a man in my life today with whom I would run away right now if he asked, but I know he won't, and that's ok.

10. I really want to get my nipples pierced and get a tattoo, but my husband would be very angry if I did, so I don't.

Did I surprise you with anything or did all of these sound like the Kat you have come to know and love?


Cara Janes said...

Love this post! And there were things I did not know about you here, so of course, in true Cara fashion, I must have more details.

Nipples pierced? Seriously? And a tattoo? What and where?

Completely agree with the white underwear comment. In fact, I think white underwear could be a topic for at least an entire Facebook post. Who needs white underwear? Unless, of course, they are super sexy and you're going for a "school girl" look or something, but seriously, white underwear are useless. Yesterday, I went to the 7-eleven and there was this girl, maybe about 18 or so, with very short shorts, a white tank and a WHITE BRA!!! Did her mother not teach her anything? She was very cute other than her white bra, so if I see her again, I'll direct her toward this blog. What we do for the people here at PWK...

Asian Girl said...

I love #3. I do not publish the details of every sexual encounter. Some experiences are just too special to be shared. Others are not special enough. That is exactly how I feel about my blog too! You're awesome!

Clem said...

I really liked #1, 7 and 9, but I was surprised yes, at the piercings and tattoos. I can't see it. I think that would make you look too slutty.

love the rest

Anonymous said...


I could see hub mad at nipple piercing but I have a tattoo and got back in 99 when going through mid life chit. Didn't even ask permission although I told hub someday I would. It's a small butterfly on my ankle and glad I did it. It's not gaudy or anything like that. When it comes to my decisions I am glad hub doesn't say no to anything (yea am Irish/Indian so we do what we want) lol..

You're close city friend,

Riff Dog said...

Maybe it's just be, but I've always liked white bras and panties. Then again, I also like black. And red. And green. And purple. And pink . . .

Kat said...

Cara - You looked slammin' hot last night in that strapless bra and dress (no, SUPER slammin'! Lol), but you are so wrong about the white on white thing. That's ok, you're young.

Asian Girl - Thank you! I'm honored and flattered. :-)

Clem- (Gasp!) Me? Look slurry? Never!

Kat said...

Lol... That was supposed to be slutty, not slurry. Darned autocorrect!

Linda- I just want a tasteful little SF Giants logo on my hip. What's so bad about that? ;-)

Riff - I kinda thought you might prefer no panties... But I agree that once they are off, it doesn't matter what color they are/were.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh, Kat, you couldn't be more wrong about white on white. Nude colored bras belong with white blouses.

As far as your "tasteful" tattoo idea, I believe that would be an oxymoron... Just sayin'.