Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Naughty Distraction at Work

I’m sitting in a meeting, unable to focus on the presentation in front of me.  I look around the room and see a roomful of other folks as disinterested as I am, and I wonder why we are all spending these precious hours of our life in this room. I start to reflect on my life and where I’d rather be at this moment and my thoughts go immediately to JJ.

Instead of being with all these business associates, I’d rather be with him. Instead of being in this conference room, I’d rather be in a hotel room.  Instead of wearing this dress and blazer, I’d rather be wearing nothing at all. Instead of sitting in this uncomfortable chair, I’d rather be stretched out on a bed with him, feeling his arms wrapped around me and his hard cock pressed up against me.

I pull myself back to the present moment.  Refocus, Kat.  I start taking notes, even though there is nothing being said I’ll ever need to remember, but I’m hoping that taking notes will keep my mind here in this room.

It doesn’t work.  The allure of JJ naked in a bed, wanting me as much as I want him, is too strong. He pulls me from the meeting back into bed with him.  I don’t object.  I go with him willingly as I always do.

He kisses me deeply.  I close my eyes and relax into his kiss, melting into him, opening my mouth to his tongue and my legs to his hand that slides inside my wet pussy.

The annoying voice of the presenter starts to distract me, but I tell myself that it’s just someone talking in the hallway and I turn it off in my head, turning my attention again to JJ’s kiss. His fingers alternate between playing with my clit and sliding deep inside me, bringing me right to the edge and keeping me there. I moan into his mouth. I want more. I reflect on how fascinating it is that JJ always fulfills me completely while also leaving me wanting more at the same time. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get enough of him.

I shift awkwardly in my seat, noticing that my panties are wet now.  I look around the room and see a man looking at me.  I smile and nod and look back up at the presenter, hoping I hadn’t been squirming in my seat.

As the presenter drones on, JJ pulls me back to bed again. Ah yes, I’m very close to orgasm and I can tell that he’s enjoying teasing me. Usually, I let him tease me all he wants and I follow him to whatever pleasurable places he wants to take me, but today I don’t have time for that.  This meeting is supposed to end in 15 minutes (God willing), so I quickly roll on top of him, straddling him and rubbing his hard cock against my wetness. I can tell he’s surprised.  He smiles.

I raise up a little bit and then lower myself down, taking his cock all the way inside me. Fully impaled on his hardness, I sit up straight and slowly begin to rock my hips - forward and back, in circles, then forward and back again. His hands reach for my hips and try to guide me to move faster, but I resist, fully enjoying watching the loss of control start to gently wash over his face.

My chair squeaks and I realize that I must have been slowly moving as I thought about riding JJ.  I try to cover for it by shifting my body completely as if I’m uncomfortable.  I cross my legs and feel a sharp jolt of pleasure as my pussy lips press against my clit.  No, that won’t work.  I uncross my legs and cross my ankles, shifting to sit on the edge of the chair.  Better.  I don’t look around the room, but I can feel that man who was looking at me earlier staring at me again. I force myself not to look at him. I try to take notes again.

I close my eyes for just a brief moment - not even 5 seconds - and I see JJ’s face as I’m riding him.  I watch him watching me, his eyes taking me in, wandering from my face to my breasts to my hips as they grind on him.  I’m struck with an irresistible urge to kiss him, so I lean forward over him with a hand on either side of his shoulders.  We kiss. He takes advantage of the opportunity to grab my hips and start to move me up and down on him as he thrusts upward from underneath me. I start to moan. I can tell that I’m not far from losing myself.

The meeting is almost over.  I can feel the wetness through my panties on my thighs, and I press my thighs closely together and push down onto the chair, then release....again. My breathing quickens.  I look up at the clock.  This meeting was supposed to end five minutes ago! As I grind my pussy against the chair almost imperceptibly, I know I’m not going to make it until I can get out of here and to the ladies room. I need to cum now.

“Please.....I need to cum now....” I plead breathlessly to JJ as I kiss him. He moans his assent and pulls my hips down onto him harder.  I start to shudder, moaning into our kiss.  He pumps me harder and forces me onto his cock roughly.  I’m shaking and letting the sensation ripple throughout my body, knowing that JJ’s doing all the work now, but I can’t stop.  Soon, he pulls my hips down and thrusts upward one last time, holding me onto him.  I feel his cock throbbing as he releases into me. He groans into my mouth. I’m still shaking, feeling my cunt grip his cock. My moans becoming a whimper.....

I try to remain completely silent as I feel the orgasm starting. The meeting ends and people all around me are standing up, talking, and moving around.  I take advantage of the opportunity to grind myself against the chair forcefully a few times quickly, certain that no one will notice in all of the commotion and movement. As I cum, I grip the edge of the table, biting my lip to stifle a moan. I close my eyes briefly and take a deep, ragged breath as the pleasure pulses through me.

I open my eyes as I exhale, and I see the man across the room looking directly at me.  He’s the only one in the room besides me who is still seated. He smiles at me.  I quickly look away and blush. He’s just flirting, right?  There’s no way he could have noticed....

I look back up and see that he’s still smiling at me. I let go of the edge of the table and start to gather my things. I notice now that I’m flushed, breathing erratically.  Oh god, who else noticed???

He walks over to me and hands me his business card and introduces himself. I look at the card.  His name is John Jacobs. I smile and giggle a bit. John Jacobs. JJ.  What are the odds?

He leans down toward me and says quietly, “We should talk."

I fumble in my purse for a business card and hand him one. He looks at it and says, “Nice to meet you, Kat.  I’ll give you a call in an hour or so."

I can’t speak.  I just nod.  He chuckles and nods his head as he walks away.

The room clears and I start to think about how to get out of this.  My panties are soaked, along with the back of my dress and the chair, too, I suspect.  I watch John as he walks down the hall. I grab my phone and check the calendar.  Yes, I’ll see my JJ tomorrow.

This meeting wasn’t so boring after all.

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