Saturday, June 4, 2011

"What Do You Want, Kat?"

JJ has perfected the pillow talk thing. He seems to intuitively know when I need the sweet talk and when I need the nasty, dirty talk.  Few things turn me on more than laying naked with him in bed, kissing, feeling the length of his body against mine, when he whispers very softly in my ear, "What do you want, Kat?" Oh my goodness...just thinking about that gets me all worked up again. It's not just what he says. My husband says those same words when he's asking if I prefer to clean out the cat box or take out the trash. No, it's not the words, but how JJ says them, and the response they inspire in me.

When JJ asks what I want, he's inviting me to let go of my inhibitions, release control, and let him take me down an almost endless rabbit hole of pleasure.

Sometimes my answer is simple - "I want you." Sometimes it's specific - "I want you to fuck my ass with your hard thick cock." Sometimes it's selfish - "I want cum over and over again until I can't cum anymore." Sometimes it's submissive - "I want you to use me however I will please you the most."

By whispering that question in my ear, he gives me the opportunity to express my
mood and point in a particular direction, and then he takes it from there.

Mmm....and the places he takes me are heavenly.


Asian Girl said...

It's so hot when a guy asks what you want. That really turns me on too!

Cody Brooks dirty said...