Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fool Me Once, Shame on You....

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Once upon a time there was a woman who met a man on Ashley Madison. At first, she thought he was perfect for her. They had a few things in common, and they seemed to want the same things. Seeing him would require that she break one of her biggest rules (no single guys), but she liked him. They corresponded by email and text for a while, and then they set up a time to get together.

Everything seemed to go right.  He booked the room.  It was a nice place. She enjoyed her time with him and he enjoyed his time with her.  At least she thought so. They parted with a plan to meet the next morning.  He said he'd call, but he didn't, so she called him. He said he couldn't meet that morning and that he'd call her later.

She waited.  No call.  No text messages.  No email.  The woman was confused. She thought they had a great time. As the days went by, she began to doubt. It was pretty clear to her that she was being dumped, but she wanted to reach out to him anyway.  Why?  Because she actually liked this guy. So she sent him an email asking what happened.

The man replied.  He told her he was sorry.  He explained what happened.  He asked for another chance. She weighed her options. In addition to breaking the "no single guys" rule, giving him another chance would require that she break another rule and look a little desperate, and she was most definitely not desperate.

But she liked him.  She didn't really know why, but she did.

He was good about communicating for awhile. It seemed to be going well again.  They set up a time to meet, and the arrangement was that he would call when he was in town.

She waited.  No call.

The next day, he called an apologized again.  She was understanding.  Cautious, but understanding.

Within another couple of days, the communication stropped again.

The woman felt like a fool.  She reminded herself that she has rules for a reason. This time, she didn't reach out to him. This time, she walked away like she should have the first time - like she should have before she broke any of her rules.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on you.


Ethan Lambert said...

Sounds like you know what's best. The adulterous life is complicated enough without having to deal with flakes on top of it all.

Ethan Lambert said...

By the way, is that last sentence purposely a clever modification of the phrase?

Doug1 said...

Would it bother you if you found out your husband had cheated too, and was doing so on an ongoing basis?

Why not have an open marriage?

Anonymous said...

I think this guy was the exception on AM. I don't believe most men there are looking there just for a booty call. I have had this experience twice, 1 was married and the other single, both from other sites. Both still are constantly on the prowl and never seem to be satisfied for very long with just 1 or 2 women. I remain friendly with the single guy but I always call him on his BS about hooking up and he admits it!! LMAO. No more with him either.