Sunday, June 5, 2011

Read Something Naughty with Us

About seven months ago, DauntlessD and I started reading erotica together.  We'd select a book, start reading, and have email and chat discussions about the book as we went along. It added a new dimension to our friendship, and it gave us both a way to explore and talk about things that might not normally come up in casual conversation.  And we learned a lot about each other, too.

We have decided to open our little private book club to others. I started a public Google Group (Reading with Kat and DauntlessD) for anyone who wants to join us. You can join the group and just lurk to keep up with what we're reading and watch the conversation, or you can join in.  We would love for you to join us as we discover even more naughtiness in print.

Right now, we're reading Dear Sir, I'm Yours, by Joely Sue Burkhart (Here's the link to the Kindle edition of the book, too). Check it out.

Now if you want to jump ahead a bit, the next book in our queue is As She's Told, by Anneke Jacob (Kindle Edition of As She's Told).

Both of these books are about submission and domination, but neither is too hard core, which makes them a great place to start of you want to start exploring that genre.  If you have read more in that genre, as Dauntless and I have, we'd love your perspective, too.

So, if you're interested in joining us, join the group, get the book, and start reading!


Anneke Jacob said...

Hi Kat.

I'm flattered that you're going to read As She's Told. Just a warning, though -- it is pretty hardcore. Entirely consensual, but the power exchange is total, and it includes healthy (!) doses of humiliation, along with varied and rather extreme kink. It's a love story but by no means a romance. Not for beginners, okay? I don't want to squick anyone.

But if you are willing to have your boundaries pushed, enjoy!

Anneke Jacob

Kat said...

Thank you for your note and your caution. I *love* hard core, so I am definitely up for it, especially after Dear Sir which is a bit romantic and soft core for my taste. However, it's good for folks to be informed. Thank you! Maybe you'll share some insight

Anneke Jacob said...

Sure, happy to.